Top 6 Tips To Make Lawn Care Easier

Hate lawn care? We don't blame you. These tips will make this chore easier to do.

Ease your yardwork chores with these handy tips

Don’t we all love a soft, lush green lawn? The green, velvety cushion could become the perfect place to spend time with your family and friends, soaking in the sun while your dog runs about. Sounds perfect, right?

But, caring for your lawn can be a time-consuming and physically demanding task. Taking out time from your busy schedule may not be possible always. And, hiring professionals could burn a hole in your pocket.

But don’t you worry!

We’ve made a list of the simplest ways that can make your lawn look like a dream without you spending much time or money on it. So let’s get started!

Lawn Care Tip #1: Aerate Your Lawn

Which time, the soil under avalanche can become compact. This will lead to a lack of air for grassroots and soil microbes. Just like us, our grass needs air to breathe. And when there is room in the soil then water, nutrients and, of course, air can move down to the root system of the grass and plants. People usually use either machine-powered or a hand-held aerator to create air passages in the soil.

We’ll like to suggest another way that will kill two birds with one stone. There is something in the market called aerator sandals. Strap a pair of these on and start walking around the yard. These aerator sandals have spikes made on their bottoms. When you walk around the lawn, tiny air and water passages get created. The other advantage is that you will be getting some exercise done as well. In the end, the air circulation, nutrient absorption and water drainage of your lawn will improve tremendously.

Lawn Care Tip #2: Invest in Nitrogen-Rich Fertilizers

One of the most important nutrients that can ensure you a lush, green grass is nitrogen. Try looking for fertilizers that are a “fast-and-slow-release” variety. Understand your location and act accordingly. If you live in the northern areas, feed your lawn during the fall and spring season. If you are on the southern side, spring and summer should be your feeding season. Also, do not waste time feeding dormant grass. This is because they cannot take in nutrients.

Lawn Care Tip #3: Avoid Mowing Your Grass Too Short

Many people prefer to mow their grass shorter to get a longer mowing gap period. But, this is incorrect and can lower your grass quality. Taller grass is more healthy and strong, so be sure to invest in a lawn mower that has adjustable mowing height and other features that can benefit your lawn. Yes, you’ll have to mow more frequently but in the long run, you’re actually saving yourself lots of time and effort. Also, shorter grass is more susceptible to weed.

Always remember that the longer the grass blade, the longer will be its roots. Hence, never cut more than one-third of your grass blade to keep the root system strong.

Lawn Care Tip #4: Water Your Lawn in the Morning

It is better to water in the morning as the evaporation will be less. This is especially necessary if you have a new lawn. In addition to this, watering during the night can lead to moisture collection on the grass blades which, in turn, can become a haven for diseases. Try to water your lawn deeply and less frequently. By doing this, the moisture can permeate even deeper into the soil.

Lawn Care Tip #5: Plant Native Grass in Your Lawn

Native grasses will not need more attention because they’re already adapted to the growing conditions like the location, temperature, soil, etc., and your lawn will look great with needing much effort. Exotic grass may sound fancy, but you’ll need to tailor-make growing conditions as per them which let’s face it, you won’t have time for.

Lawn Care Tip #6: Employ the Use of Pre-emergent Weed Killers

Pre-emergent weed killers prevent the growth of weeds before they even germinate. This will prevent them from developing a root system on the lawn. Difficult weeds like field bindweed and crabgrass need to be removed before their seeds can sprout. Using pre-emergent weed killers, especially in the spring season, will save you from a huge weed removal task ahead.

By following these tips, you'll have a lawn that everybody will envy without you having to devote much effort and time to it. Just remember to mow the grass, take out weeds and water the lawn deeply and you'll be good to go.

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