Top Makeup Mistakes That Age Your Skin

What makeup mistakes make skin look older? Learn here. Avoid accentuating wrinkles and damaging skin with premature aging.

The Best Way to Use Makeup On Mature Skin

You are the expert on making up your own face because you’ve been doing it this way since high school, right? Wrong! The makeup technique that once made you prom queen is probably all wrong for your face today. As we age, our skin changes. It’s important that our makeup technique changes with it. If you are still using your tried and true makeup products and procedures from twenty years ago or more, you could be making mistakes that make you look years older than you would if you wore no makeup at all.

Foundation Situation: How to use foundation on mature skin

Makeup can settle into fine lines or cake up in dry areas to make us look older, but if we avoid foundation completely we are left with an unattractive, uneven skin tone. So what is the solution? First of all, if you haven’t already, it’s time to give up the powder foundations. Mature women have less oil in their skin, and powder will quickly dry up what natural moisture your skin has, which not only makes you look older but can actually speed up the aging process in your skin.

As you age, you will find that liquid or cream foundation will better benefit your skin. A good liquid foundation will help to fill in fine lines and large pores to present a smoother surface on your face. For a long-lasting dewy, youthful look, try applying your foundation with a makeup sponge that has been very lightly dampened.

It’s important to note, that even a great liquid foundation may settle into fine lines and wrinkles after a few hours of wear, if your face is not properly hydrated. Dry skin will eagerly suck up the moisture in your cream or liquid foundation and leave the pigment behind sitting on top of your skin to migrate into lines. Which leads us to our next mature makeup solution.

Why Moisturizer is a Must-Have for aging skin

As we age, hydrating our skin becomes more critical. Moisturizer should no longer be just for bedtime. It’s important to apply a good hydrating moisturizer in the morning before putting on your foundation.

It’s best to wash your face with a hydrating cleanser first to remove the excess oils, dust and lint that can attach to your face during sleep. Then, apply a light moisturizer with sunscreen while your face is still damp. Give your skin about five minutes to absorb your moisturizer and then begin applying foundation. This crucial hydrating process will allow the foundation to maintain the proper level of coverage without the moisture being absorbed into thirsty skin. Instead, your foundation will perform much more the way it does on younger skin.

How to Avoid Skimpy Eyebrows: Thin Isn’t In

Eyebrows thin as we age, both from the natural aging process and from years of plucking. Nothing instantly ages a face as much as thin, over-plucked brows. Also as we age, our brow line falls a little lower on our face.

In order to restore a more youthful look, it’s important to raise the brow line with a good arch, while also filling in sparse or thin brows.

Because eyebrows, along with cheekbones, are the most defining aspect of your face, it’s important to accentuate and shape them. Thankfully, eyebrow products available today are better than they’ve ever been to fill in brows with a more natural look than just a single, penciled line. Look for eyebrow pens with multi-pronged tips to fill in brows with a look like real hair. Some products even add tiny hair-like fillers to add texture.

Eye Makeup Mix-ups: How to make eyes look younger and brighter

While dark liner and frosted eyeshadows might have looked amazing on you for college date nights, chances are that look is now making you appear more like the mother of a college student.

Avoid dark liner on your lower lids because it makes the eyes look smaller and accentuates the already naturally darker shadows under the more mature eye. Instead only line the waterline, or very lightly blend eye-liner pencil into your lower lash line. You can even use a brown eyeshadow in place of eyeliner, and line your inner lid with a white liner to open your eyes and provide a youthful glow.

Frosted eyeshadow looks great on firm eyelids, but as we age our eyelids take on a more crepey look that frosted shadow will only accentuate. Use a light, natural looking matte eyeshadow instead. If you really want to add a touch of frost or shimmer for a special occasion just add a little to the center of your top eyelids only.

How to get fuller lips

Dark lipsticks can accentuate the thinner lips we tend to see as we age. Instead of going with a heavy lipstick in a too-dark, or too-bright color, more mature women can bring back the dewy, full lips of youth more successfully by lightly lining the lips a shade darker than their skin color. Then use the same lip liner to fill in the lips with color and top with a tinted gloss.

While we can’t exactly stop the clocks, or turn them back, there are ways to work magic with what we have once we learn that our makeup technique has to mature right along with us.

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