9 Makeup Primer Tricks to Keep Your Look Flawless All Day

New to makeup primer? We can help. Our tips will help you achieve a flawless makeup look

Use these primer tricks for a flawless makeup look

When it comes to achieving a flawless appearance on your skin, the makeup that you use makes a big difference, and with the right setup, your makeup collection can be top-notch. But, what if you are still new to using makeup? Well, there's more to doing your makeup then just slapping a foundation on and calling it a day. There are quite a few steps that should go into doing your makeup at any given time. A lot of people who do their makeup tend to forget about one of the most important aspects of the facial setup, and that's a primer. Aside from concealer and toner, finding and using the best makeup primer is an essential part of your facial makeup that you probably don’t want to leave out.

Primer, true to its name, acts as a bonding agent to keep your foundation and other cosmetics on your face during fitness activity, sleep, and just about anything else that happens in life. Primer is generally available in most drugstores and cosmetics stores, and with the right tips and tricks, you can create a flawless look with the help of a primer. The right primer will bond to your face and help to alleviate any fine lines and imperfections that might make their way through on your foundation, thus using the right primer will make all the difference in the world. We are going to take a look at nine tricks that you can use with your primer to keep your face looking flawless all day, so read on below.

Stay Away From The Sponges

First and foremost there is a correct way to apply primer and an incorrect way, and if you have been attempting to use a makeup sponge this is the incorrect method. When you use a makeup sponge the primer will get smeared, which is what you want to avoid. Although makeup sponges are generally well-received, using a sponge on makeup primer is only going to smear it around where you ideally want a smooth coating.

Allow Your Primer To Dry Completely

When it comes to applying primer, you’ll need it to completely dry before you begin to add additional makeup. Most people are in a rush during the morning and tend to put all of their makeup on at once, but this is what causes smearing and worse. You need to take the time to allow your primer to completely dry, then you’ll be able to see what lines and imperfections are still showing on your face.

Use Powder In Between The Primer And Foundation

This tip should be common sense because you can’t place a liquid on top of a liquid, but many people end up doing this and what it does is create a cake-like appearance on top of your skin. The use of powder in between your foundation and primer will help to create a dry canvas, which you’ll use to apply the rest of your makeup. There are also certain powder primers and foundations which you can get as well, all of which counteract to create a one of a kind look that will blend perfectly.

Get A Primer That Fights Acne As Well

If you suffer from acne there is no doubt that your facial skin causes you some serious frustration, but never fear because there are facial primers that have acne treatment in them as well. The acne-fighting primers are more common nowadays than they used to be, and this provides you with an excellent way to fight acne and pimples without the stress of multiple treatments. Combining this primer with your foundation will help to create a flawless looking skin tone that you can be proud of.

Get A Primer That Matches Your Complexion

Nowadays primer has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the cosmetics department, and you can now find various shades of primer that will match just about any complexion. You’ll want to get a primer that's closest to your real skin tone, and this is going to be difficult if you have an off-skin color but in the long run, you’ll be able to get a better result out of your primer and foundation combination.

Don’t Apply Primer Straight Out Of The Shower

Again, fighting moisture is the key to getting good results in your primer. When you first step out of the shower even if your skin is dry from a towel there is still going to be a level of dampness on it, and this is something that you want to look out for. A great way to fight the moisture on your skin if you are in a hurry is to add some powder to your face, which will dry up any remaining moisture.

It's All In The Rubbing Technique

Application is everything, and the way that you apply your primer is going to make a big difference as to how it comes out. You’ll want to rub your primer on in a circular motion, try to refrain from patting the primer into your skin because this will cause an uneven finish. The primer should be on your face nice and smooth, creating a uniform look even on blemishes and other imperfections.

Invest In A Quality Primer

Like with all cosmetics you’ll want to invest in a quality primer because in the long run, the finished product is going to make a lot of difference in your appearance. A lot of cheap quality primers will come out very thick, and this doesn’t work well for all types of skin. The quality issue is especially true if you suffer from oily skin, which means that you’ll want to invest in a primer that targets oily skin.

Combine Your Primer With A Good Toner

Nothing is more important than the finishing touches when it comes to your makeup, and using a great toner to finish your appearance will make all the difference in the world. Your primer is not going to look its best until you combine it with a great foundation and toner, creating a nice and even look that will make your face look amazing. When it comes to cosmetics combining different products is the key to getting an amazing look, which will benefit your appearance in the long run.

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