5 Makeup Uses for Lipstick Besides On Your Lips

Can you use lipstick places besides your lips? Oh, yes. Learn how to use lipstick as blush, eyeshadow, highlighter, and more.

row of uncapped lipsticks

Lipstick for Cheeks, Lids, Concealing, and Highlighting

Are you the type to collect lipstick shades, only to accumulate so many products that some of them expire before you get to use them?

We get it. Swapping lip colors can change your whole look in minutes! A wide range of hues can be very useful, especially if you keep a packed schedule.

Don’t have time for anything but quick touch-ups to transition your makeup from daytime to evening-ready? Lipstick should be your go-to. However, this habit can result in dozens of half-empty tubes in your makeup collection.

Instead of letting these partially-used lipsticks go to waste, why not put them to good use? Here are five creative ways to use more lipstick as part of your regular beauty routine.

1. Apply Lipstick on Cheeks as a Cream Blush

If you’re not doing this already, you should definitely start now.

Using lip color as cream blush is one of the most common ways to get more use out of your lipsticks. Additionally, this method can make it easier for you to achieve a look using fully complementary hues without buying too many cream blushes.

You may apply the lipstick onto your cheeks using a stiff brush, but for more precision, it’s best to dab and blend using your fingers.

Want to further customize your makeshift cream blush? You can mix your favorite lipstick with sunscreen before applying it to your skin. You get extra SPF along with a more workable consistency.

2. Use on Eyelids as Bold or Glossy Eyeshadow

The right shade of lipstick can be your daily makeup kit’s MVP.

Lip color can not only be applied on your cheeks but on your eyelids, too. Because most lipsticks are formulated for easy swiping on your lips, they blend into skin without issue and can be long-lasting multipurpose products.

Try bold and bright hues for a high-fashion and edgy look. Want to be more subtle? You can try a sheer brown color. For an understated and dewy daytime look, you can use nude glossy lipstick.

3. Out of Color Correctors or Concealers? Try Working with Warm Tone Lipsticks

We’re not talking about concealing redness and acne with green color correctors—unless you actually have a tube of green lipstick, that is. If that’s the case, feel free to experiment.

Red and orange lipsticks are undeniably more common than cool tones, which is fortunate because they can be used for more widespread color correcting. Apply red lipstick on undereye circles before blending your regular concealer on top. This trick works for any part of the face with dark spots—not just underneath your eyes—so try color correcting this way around the mouth or old acne scars, too.

Can you use lipstick for concealing jobs on other parts of your body? Of course, you can. Red lipstick can help you cover up tattoos, as well. Just use the same technique and make sure that you apply a full-coverage concealer over the red lipstick. Set with powder and prepare to be amazed by the effect.

4. Contour with Brown and Neutral Lip Colors

Lipstick is a lot more portable than a full-on contour kit, which makes this tip especially useful for frequent travelers.

It’s time for those brown, bronze, cocoa, nude or otherwise neutral shades gathering dust in your makeup drawer to prove their worth. While they may be tough colors to use regularly on your lips, they’re among the most versatile hues for a variety of reasons.

We’ve already talked about how brown lipsticks can be used as eyeshadow. In addition, you can use your neutral lipsticks the way you would a contouring stick and carry on with your typical beauty routine. Deep brown lip color can also serve as an emergency liner or even a quick root touch-up product for brunettes.

5. Highlight with Frosted or Sheer Lipstick

Contouring and highlighting are just two sides of the same coin. It makes sense that lipsticks can also replace highlighter sticks. If you’re not sure if you can pull off highlighter, using one of the best lipsticks you already own to try the look on can be a cost-effective alternative.

Accentuate your face with frosted lip color like you would with a highlighter—on your nose, above your cupid bow, under your eyebrow, etc.—and see for yourself how similar the result can be.

The secret is in finding the right shade. If you’re a fan of the frosted aesthetic from the early 2000s, you probably have at least one or two old lipsticks that fit the bill.

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