6 Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Makeup with Microbladed Eyebrows

Microbladed brows? We've got advice. Here's what you should know about wearing makeup with microbladed brows

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The lowdown on how to make up your face with microbladed brows

Looking for a flawless, natural-looking and semi-permanent alternative to hours spent shaping your brows to look fuller? Consider microbladed eyebrows.

Microblading is different from the old tattooed eyebrows of yore. The realistic mimicry of real individual brow hairs is achieved by having strokes scratched or lightly cut on the surface of the skin, using a bladed pen-shaped tool with about a dozen tiny needles at the tip. These needles implant medical grade pigments that are semi-permanent, lasting as long as 18 months.

Because the skin is cut during the process and will be sensitive for weeks after, many of you may wonder if it’s feasible at all to wear makeup after a microblading session. Here’s all you need to know about using beauty products and general cosmetics with microbladed eyebrows.

1. Do Expect Your Eyebrows to Be Very Dark for a While

Even with your vetted microblading technician warning you of this beforehand, it can be hard not to freak out or panic when you first see your eyebrows post-session. Relax! Your eyebrows will appear very heavy, up to 50 percent thicker and darker than you want them to be before they heal in a week or so and settle into their final look.

The fact that you had your brows microbladed will be very obvious after you get them done. It won’t be something you can or should hide with makeup. If this is a consideration for you, plan and schedule your microblading treatment at the start of a long holiday—or buy one or two pairs of opaque oversized sunglasses.

2. Don’t Get Your Eyebrows Wet

To prevent skin infections, avoid getting your eyebrows wet for one or two weeks after microblading. This rules out going to saunas, swimming pools, and anywhere that may encourage you to sweat excessively. Consider altering your schedule to avoid direct sunlight and strenuous exercise for at least a week. You may also want to keep your brows dry during baths and showers.

This practically rules out full-coverage use of products like primers and foundations. They will be near impossible to take off without using liquid makeup removers and washing the entire face. Putting on eyebrow and eye makeup is not recommended, either.

3. Do Take Proper Microblading After-Care Steps

Your technician will likely provide or recommend some type of healing balm or medicated cream and mild antibacterial soap if needed. Using them in conjunction with constant and gentle application of petroleum jelly or coconut oil on your brows can promote and speed up healing.

These products are the only things that should be put directly on your eyebrow area during this time. Any other form of skincare—lotions, moisturizers, toners, cleansers, etc.—may irritate the already sensitive but recovering skin. Remember, a little scabbing and moderate soreness is normal throughout the first week of after-care.

4. Don’t Touch, Scratch or Pick at the Eyebrow Scabs

More than keeping liquid or any beauty product off your brows, you should avoid touching them as much as possible. Even the application of after-care cream and petroleum jelly should be done with a cotton ball or swab. Resist the urge to pick at and peel the thin scabbing that will form, as well.

The point of this is to leave your eyebrow area clean and undisturbed as much as possible. With that in mind, it could be in your best interests to hold off on botox, face masks, facials and other similar activities and treatments for about a month.

5. Don’t Wear Makeup on or Around Your Brows Until Fully Healed

Would you feel safe putting on a fresh coat of makeup on an open wound? Microblading consists of tiny and shallow cuts on the skin, so that is what you would be doing if you insist on using cosmetics right after you get microbladed eyebrows.

Ideally, makeup—even the natural or vegan kind—should be avoided completely for at least two weeks after the treatment. If that’s not a possibility, skip the primers and foundation as suggested above and stick to bright pops of color on your lips and cheeks.

6. Do Protect Your Brows for a Longer Lasting Microbladed Experience

Once your skin is healed, you should consider altering your makeup routine a little to make sure that your microbladed brows last as long as they can. Apply extra sunscreen on your brow area whenever you head out, underneath makeup if needed. Use at least SPF 30 to slow down eyebrow fading due to sun exposure.

Using makeup on your fully healed microbladed eyebrows will not cause it to fade faster. However, having a naturally oily complexion might. For the latter, a microblade technician touch-up may be needed in as little as 12 months in comparison to the typical 18 months for people with normal skin. In between treatments, you can always fake it with some great eyebrow makeup.

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