Massage Chair Durability: What to Consider When Buying

What makes massage chairs a worthwhile investment? Durability. Learn about buying a massage chair that's built to last and keep you relaxed.

Buying the Best Massage Chair: Durability Comes First

Could anything be more frustrating than sitting down in your expensive massage chair, prepared to have your tired back massaged, and then discovering it won’t work? That instead of relieving your day’s stress, the chair you’ve invested in for your health and enjoyment is actually adding tension to your sore shoulders and being a true pain in the neck?

When making an important purchase, such as a massage chair for your home, it’s important to consider the durability of the product you are choosing, as well as the functionality. But how can tell if the chair you are buying is built to last? What do you look for?

What is a good and Realistic massage chair Warranty?

According to massage chair technicians, examining the warranty offered by a massage chair company is one place to begin. Be wary of inexpensive chairs offering ten-year warranties or more. You may find it difficult to contact the manufacturer of such as chair once it breaks.

A typical warranty for a good massage chair will be a three to five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. Brands such as Panasonic and Inada have three-year comprehensive warranties on their top-tier chairs. Other manufacturers offering solid warranties are Osaki, Infinity, Cozzia, and Luraco. Offering a good comprehensive warranty on a chair indicates a manufacturer’s confidence in its product.

What is the Brand's Reputation?

It’s a good idea to stick with familiar brand names and to read customer reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Look for good customer service relationships between manufacturer and customer. Poor customer service may indicate a company’s inability to stand behind their brand. You should expect a reasonably fast response from customer service when you experience an issue with your chair.

How to choose the best Design and Construction

Your chair should be made from quality materials. While genuine leather may be the best possible fabric for a recliner, a massage chair’s fabric will be exposed to heat, friction and interior motion. Synthetic materials are more durable for a long-lasting massage chair. They are made to withstand years of wear and tear. A well-made massage chair fabric should last five to ten years with typical use.

Most chairs come in neutral colors to match most decor.

A massage chair that is built for durability will be modular in design and have a streamlined appearance that is not over-bulky. Motors and electronic components should be fairly easy to access for repairs. A well-made product will be designed to support a good amount of weight and should comfortably accommodate the entire body.

What to look for in Massage chair Motors

All commercial motors have an MTF, or Mean Time Failure Rate. A premium chair will have a commercial-grade motor with an MTF rating as high as 10,000 hours, while more inexpensive chairs may have a much lower MFT rating. Ask the seller or contact the manufacturer to learn what the MTF rating in is in any massage chair you are considering purchasing.

According to massage chair technicians, the small motor in the footrest of armchairs tends to be the first one to wear out. Typically this because small children enjoy sitting on the footrest of the chair during vibration, and it is not intended to hold the weight of a child. Extend the durability of your massage chair by following manufacturer’s instructions.

How about the Shipping Process?

Another important thing to consider is the shipping process of your massage chair dealer. According to massage chair technicians, the most common calls for repairs come from damage incurred during shipping and delivery. Massage chairs are heavy and unwieldy, generally shipped in large boxes on pallets for ease of transportation. However, many chairs get bumped or dropped during the shipping and delivery process. It’s important to ask about the shipping policy of the chair you wish to purchase.

There are many scientifically proven benefits to massage, but it’s not always convenient to schedule a massage into our busy weeks. If scheduling a massage and trying to make it to your appointment ends up adding stress to your life rather than relieving it, you might be in the market for a massage chair to enjoy many of the same benefits at home that you’d get from a massage therapist. However, buying a good quality chair is a significant investment. A good massage chair should last as long as ten years according to technicians. And while you typically do get what you pay for, there is more to consider than just cost.

Research before you buy so you can look forward to many happy years of a great massage in the comfort of your home.

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