Saving On Massage Chair Energy Costs

How can you save money by picking the right massage chair? We'll make it simple. Read about what to look for when buying a new massage chair.

Massage Chair Energy Costs: How to Save Money

You finally made the leap and purchased the at-home electric massage chair that you’ve been dreaming about ever since you fell in love with one when you tried it out at the mall after a stressful Christmas shopping excursion. The stress-relieving properties of this chair are an enormous benefit at the end of a busy workday.

But has some of the stress remained in your shoulders for the first weeks of daily use as you find yourself worrying about the possible increase you will see on your next electric bill? Do you worry that you should keep your massage sessions in the chair brief in order to save on your energy bill? Here’s what you should know so you can get the most out of your massage.

Will Using a Massage Chair Raise My Energy Costs at Home?

Even at the maximum massage settings, when you are receiving full vibration and massage in all body areas, your massage chair is using ten times less energy than your microwave would use. In other words, a three-minute bag of microwave popcorn will cost the same as a thirty-minute massage chair session. So choose your end of the day reward wisely! Or better yet, feel free to reward yourself after a stressful day with a thirty-minute massage WHILE eating popcorn.

You will be pleased to know that the maximum power output for even the most advanced massage chairs is only about 200 watts. That’s less than most appliances, including your stove and refrigerator. It’s actually about the same energy cost as running a computer. So your relaxing massage session in your own home is about equal in cost to a stressful bill-paying session on your home computer. So which to choose after a long day? Hmmm…

Many people worry that leaving their massage chair plugged in will drain energy even while it isn’t in use. Fortunately, that isn’t true. When a massage chair is not in use, it sits in a stasis known as standby power, or “vampire power.” This is a virtually undetectable amount of power usage.

Why Less Isn’t More in Massage Chairs

Ask your retailer about the energy-saving features of your chair before you make a purchase. You may think you will save money on energy costs by purchasing a less expensive model with limited features rather than a top-quality massage chair with multiple features for head to toe massage. However, most high-end chairs include energy-saving features that aren’t included in cheaper models.

Buying one of the better massage chairs may mean you pay more out of the showroom, but end up saving money on energy costs at home. Most high-end massage chairs include an energy-saving automatic shut off that stops the power usage when the chair is not being used. If energy usage is of concern to you, look for a massage chair which includes a session timer that can be set to limit the duration of each session. This is a good feature for those who tend to doze off during their relaxing massage, so your chair isn’t continuing to run a massage session while you sleep through it.

Why Are Massage Chair Sensors Important?

It’s also worth considering whether or not your massage chair comes with sensors to adjust the massage capabilities for different sized users. In a household, several people of various sizes will likely use the same chair. It doesn’t make sense to have a foot massage running on a chair whose occupant is too small to reach the footrest. A good chair will have a built-in sensor to adjust to the size of the occupant so the massage features are properly placed for maximum efficiency during massage functions.

By all indications, the concerns about increased energy costs caused by your new, long-awaited massage chair should be minimal. Even massage therapists themselves recognize the benefits for massage chairs at home and even in the workplace. Many people suffer from chronic neck and back pain, and can’t afford the cost or time investment to schedule a massage session for every day. Having a massage chair at home can help relieve pain in between sessions with a licensed massage therapist, and in the end, that will equal savings in your pocket.

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