How to Match Eye Shadow to Your Eye Color

What's the right eyeshadow shade for your eye color? We'll explain how to choose. Pick a shade that flatters your beautiful eyes perfectly.

The Best Eyeshadow for Your Eye Color

Do you choose eyeshadow to match what you are wearing because you have no idea what colors best suit your eyes? While it can be a great look to pull an outfit together by wearing a coordinating eye color, experts tell us that we can best enhance our eyes by understanding what color palette best suits our own unique eye color.

To understand how this works, you have to understand the color wheel. Remarkably, what generally most flatters a particular eye color are the colors on the opposite side of the color wheel. Using a palette of colors from the opposite spectrum will result in your own eye color being beautifully highlighted.

So where to begin? While every eye color is unique, we can narrow them down to five basic categories: Brown, Blue, Gray, Hazel, and Green. Here are some general guidelines for the eye shadows you should look for to enhance your own eye color.

Best eye shadow for Brown-Eyed Girls

Over half of the world’s population has brown eyes, but that does not make them ordinary. Brown eyes come in many shades, from copper to chocolate to espresso, and all of them are warm and beautiful. It’s also a color that can pull off nearly any eyeshadow palette. However, to best show off your beautiful brown, a shimmering color pallet of gold, bronze and copper metallics make brown eyes pop in the daytime by bringing out highlights of gold within brown irises. If you want to lighten dark brown eyes, try using a moss-green eyeshadow. In the evenings you can dazzle with silver and charcoal to make your brown eyes deep and mysterious, or bring out the chocolatey richness with jewel tones like sapphire and amethyst.

Best eye shadow for Beautiful Baby Blues

Opposite blue on the color wheel is orange. Does that mean you need to choose tangerine shadow? You can if you dare, but you can find orange tones in a variety of colors such as peach, terracotta, rust, copper, and champagne. The warm undertones in these colors will dramatically highlight the cool blue in your eyes.

Because blue eyes are light, dark shadows like brown and purple will easily overpower baby blues. Using colors with an orange undertone like coral, salmon and burnt sienna will provide the contrast blue eyes need in order to appear their most vivid blue hue.

Best eye shadow for Great Gray eyes

Gray eyes are often lumped into the blue or even green category, but they really are a color of their own. Cool, steely hues bring out the misty beauty of gray eyes. You can choose smoky colors like charcoal to highlight light gray eyes, and shimmering silver to compliment dark gray eyes. Or if you prefer to make your gray eyes appear bluer, you can choose the color palette that best enhances blue eyes; colors with orange or peach undertones.

Darker gray eyes pop with purple colors like plum and lilac. Similar to brown, those blessed with gray eyes can wear nearly any color and be a gorgeous gray.

Best eye shadow for Heating up Your Hazel eyes

Hazel eyes can be many shades of brown and green together, and often they are combined with gold. Purple hues like lilac and eggplant will bring out the intensity of the green in hazel eyes. Since red is the opposite of green on the color wheel, you can also choose to go with pink, rust, or bronze. If you want to play up the golden lights in your eyes you can go with gold or brown metallics.

Green With Envy: Best eye shadow for green eyes

If you are in the lucky two percent of the population with true green eyes, you are already blessed with uniquely lovely eyes that stand out even with no eyeshadow at all. However, if you want to enhance your beautiful green eyes you can choose shades of gold such as bronze or champagne. Anything with deep red undertones brings out the cool green in your rare and unique eye color, so try a rich burgundy or wine color. Because red is the opposite of green on the color wheel you can choose pink or rose gold to contrast and make your green eyes shine like emeralds.

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