Mattress Off-Gassing Odors: Should I Be Worried?

Before ordering your new mattress, you should consider learning about the new mattress smell that comes with.

New Mattress Off-Gassing Odor: Will The Smell Last?

Many people are switching to memory foam mattresses over traditional innerspring mattresses. But before ordering your new mattress, you should consider learning about the new mattress smell that comes with your purchase. Should you be worried about its effect on your household? For those who don’t know, off-gassing is when volatile organic compounds are released to the air.

This unpleasant smell is mainly caused by materials used to make new mattresses. New mattress odors can last up to four to five weeks, and there’s constant off-gassing after that. Choosing the wrong mattress can have dire consequences of lingering chemical odors in your home.

Some mattress brands use alternative materials that  helps reduce this exposure. They  replace commonly used polyurethane with foams made of natural ingredients. These natural ingredients include latex, which also helps increase the performance of a mattress. Natural mattresses have the highest rating when it comes to comfort, durability, and customer satisfaction.

Mattress off-gassing

Memory foam mattresses are the biggest culprit when it comes to the new mattress smell known as off-gassing. This smell is the same as new paint or the inside of a new car. With some brands, off-gassing can last for a few years.

Is off-gassing toxic?

Generally speaking, off-gassing is far from being toxic. The odor from off-gassing is always unpleasant and may cause difficulty in breathing, headaches, and nausea. These ailments might still be felt when the person is no longer near the mattress.

Tips for dealing with off-gassing in new mattresses

Most manufacturers recommend airing out a new mattress for three to seven days in a well-ventilated room. Some manufacturers claim you can start using your new mattress hours after opening it. Make sure to use your nose as a judge and avoid using your new mattress if the smell is unpleasant. If this smell persists for more than two weeks, consider returning the mattress and get an environmentally friendly alternative.

How to speed the off-gassing process

When looking for a new mattress, check the VOCs used in the manufacturing process. If there are no clear answers from the manufacturer, explore other brands. Everyone has the right to know which potential chemical emissions you are bringing into your household. A good and reputable manufacturer will always list recommendations for the off-gassing of mattress purchased. Below are some of the tips which can help speed up the off-gassing process:

  • Unpack your mattress and let it off-gas for a few days. Make sure the place is well ventilated and has a fresh breeze.
  • If you have a spare room, leave the mattress in it, uncovered, for the first few days before taking it to your bedroom.
  • Some manufacturers will recommend sprinkling baking soda on the mattress. This will speed up the off-gassing process.
  • Users can also add a mattress cover if they have to use the new mattress before it stops emitting VOCs. When removing the cover, make sure to wash it as the smell will dissipate with time.

Getting rid of VOCs from off-gassing

  • Make sure to leave your windows and doors open while off-gassing. Avoid doing this during prime allergy season or when there’s no smog. If the air quality is good, get some fresh air inside which will push out any nasty VOCs.
  • High temperatures and increased humidity have been known to off-gas items more quickly. Putting your mattress in direct sunlight will bake out the VOCs faster. This has to be done for over eight hours, minimum. Optimal results can be smelled in a matter of days.

Avoiding off-gassing products

Make sure to choose cleaning supplies made with natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic chemicals. Vinegar is considered to be one of the best natural cleaners to use to avoid off-gassing.

It’s a good option to choose furniture made from natural materials. Furniture containing particleboard and other materials can cause off-gassing. Ensure you choose real wood furniture or furniture made from metals.

In closing, off-gassing should be a concern no matter what household product you are purchasing. Going for natural and organic products can help eliminate or minimize off-gassing fears.

To control off-gassing, you need a ventilation system. By following the steps above, your home can be free from any off-gassing household products. This guarantees you have fully protected your indoor air quality at all times.

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