Mattress Sizes: What Are the Basics?

Read on to learn about the different mattress sizes and which size might complement different lifestyles or types of people.

What are the Standard Mattress Sizes and Dimensions?

It might be your first time buying a mattress, or it’s been years since you last bought one. Regardless of the situation, a new bed is a significant purchase and shouldn't be undertaken without doing a bit of research and shopping around.

One big factor concerns what size is right for you. Read on to learn about the different mattress sizes and which size might complement different lifestyles or types of people.

Twin Mattress

Twin mattresses are the smallest type of mattress, and are best suited to younger kids and single adults. The dimensions for this kind of mattress is 38 inches by 75 inches.

Because of the size, people who live in a small apartment or shared accommodation would most benefit from a twin mattress. They're also ideal for a kids' room or a small guest room.

Couples, as well as taller men and women, will not find a twin bed suitable.

Twin XL Mattress

These mattresses are 38 inches wide like traditional twin mattresses, but are 80 inches long.

In all likelihood, you will find twin XL mattresses in college dorm rooms. This type of mattress is also good for a smaller living area, and it accommodates taller teens and adults. Don't forget to invest in extra-long twin-sized sheets if you buy a twin XL mattress, as standard twin-sized sheets won't fit.

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Anyone who loves spreading themselves out won’t favor this type of mattress. They're also  not ideal for couples.

Double or Full Mattress

Most of us are familiar with a double or full mattress that measures 54 inches by 75 inches. A double bed offers an increase of more than a foot of width over a twin or twin XL bed. Because of the extra space, these mattresses are ideal for single adults or kids who want a little more space.

Years ago, couples would settle for a double mattress when homes used to be smaller. And while two people can comfortably fit in this type of mattress, more often than not, those who can afford the extra space want something bigger.

Queen Mattress

These measure 60 inches by 80 inches. This size of mattress proves to be the most popular nowadays. Not only does it offer much-needed space to accommodate the requirements of taller adults, but couples who make use of these beds find it easier to snuggle up when they want to and enjoy a bit of personal space at the same time.

Adults who love to share their sleeping space with their pets and have a small-sized master bedroom choose queen mattresses.

King Mattress

This kind of bed measures a massive 76 inches by 80 inches. No doubt, having one of these offers sufficient space to spread oneself out, even with a partner, kids, or a large pet.

You can say that a king-sized mattress is two twin bed combined into one. The beauty of getting yourself a king-sized bed frame is that it is easy to combine two twin mattresses on top of your base, which is excellent for couples who prefer different style bedding.

Large master bedrooms with dimensions of at least 12 by 10 square feet would comfortably accommodate a king-sized mattress. But if your bedroom is smaller, you'll do better with a queen or full-sized mattress.

California King Mattress

What happens when you are taller than the average person?

During instances like these, you will be happy to know that a slightly longer and wider mattress is available. The California King mattress measures 72 inches by 84 inches.

No doubt, this is ideal for taller couples who would love a bit of free space at the foot of their beds. As with the twin XL, special sheets are required to fit a mattress of this size.

Crib and Toddler Mattress

These measures 28 inches by 52 inches and can fit in either a standard crib or a toddler bed. A crib mattress is ideally suited for newborn babies ranging to 18-month-old babies that are smaller than 3 feet tall.

When you opt for one of these, ensure you select a firm enough mattress as younger infants are not able to move around too much and are at risk of sinking into a softer mattress that can lead to SIDS.

Toddler mattresses are similar in size to a crib mattress with one difference. They feature softer materials and are placed within a bed frame.

Choosing the Right Mattress Size for You

To sum it up, when you opt for a mattress that is based on size, you need to be aware of some essential factors, such as the following:

  • Usually, twin, twin XL, and double mattresses are suited to single sleepers. On the other hand, a queen- or king-size mattress would accommodate the needs of two sleepers.
  • Bear in mind that a queen mattress offers less space for a couple than a king-sized bed.
  • Also, single adult sleepers who need a little more room, or do not fancy the idea of sleeping too close to the edge, should choose a double bed instead of a twin-sized mattress.

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