How Modern Mops Are Making All The Difference

How are the newest mops making a difference in the way we clean? Cleaning is much easier. Read about how new features save time and energy.

New Mops: How Modern Updates Are Making Cleaning Easier

I think we can all agree that mopping is one of the least enjoyable of all cleaning activities, and there isn't much enjoyment to begin with. The old mop and bucket method is tedious, often messy, and if you're not careful you can leave your floors dirtier than they were before.

Luckily, there have been some developments over the past couple of years for mops. These mops provide unique innovations that make the entire mopping process a lot simpler. Different mop models are better designed for specific surfaces, and some robotic mops mean you don't have to do it at all.

With all of these new innovations, which one is best for your home? The best way to find out is learning about modern mops and their specific purposes.

What Are Old Mops vs. Modern Mops?

Before we dive into some of the new types of modern mops, let's make a few distinctions between what is an "old" mop and what is a "new" mop.

We will call old mops anything that has the traditional "mop and bucket" approach, with no real innovation or unique trait. This also includes mops designed for specific purposes.

Old mops include yacht mops, which are the go-to mop for most situations and fit into everyone's idea of what a mop looks like. Old mops also include sponge mops, microfiber mops, and dust mops.

A modern mop has some sort of modern innovation that simplifies or improves the mopping process. Often times they remove the water bucket from the scenario or have some other gimmick that makes them simpler to use.

What Are Spin Mops?

Spin mops are quite similar to old-school mops. They just have a modern twist. Spin mops still require a bucket and cleaning solution, but the basket at the top has a spin feature. Users will pump a foot pedal or trigger on the handle to wring the mop out, then you use the mop like normal, and finish by wringing it out same as before.

Spin mops are great because they don't require you to touch dirty water, they leave less of a mess than old mops, and the mop heads are machine washable and reusable.

Spin mops are also the most affordable option among modern mops, ranging between thirty and fifty dollars.

What Are Steam Mops?

Steam mops are popular for a number of reasons. For one, you can use them on just about any hard surface like hardwood, vinyl, and linoleum, as well as carpet and rugs. Steam mops don't require detergents or cleaning solutions, and they kill up to 99.9 percent bacteria. They can also help lift gunk and sticky residue off the floor.

Many steam mops also have handheld components, which can be used to steam furniture, curtains, and other hard to clean surfaces.

That being said, steam mops are not perfect for everything. Big messes are a problem for them, so they aren't a perfect alternative for sponges and scrubbing. Steam mops are also pricier than spin mops, often ranging between seventy and one hundred dollars.

How About Robot Mops?

If you're looking for a way to avoid mopping entirely, well you're in luck. There's a mop for that. Robot mops operate a lot like Roombas, but for hard floors. If you're looking for a way to keep your floors clean with as little effort as possible, robot mops are a great way to automate the process.

Now, they do come with drawbacks. For instance, while a robot mops will continually mop the floor, they don't have enough power for tough stains or spills. They also aren't as precise as manually mopping the floor. Robot mops are especially bad at getting under counters or into corners.

However, for general maintenance, robot mops are a great option as long as you can afford them. They often sell for upwards of two hundred dollars.

So How Are New Mops Making Cleaning Easier?

With all of these options available, the old mop and bucket method seems inefficient. With so many options that innovate and simplify the mopping process, there's no reason to rely on yacht mops again.

There's also a wide range of prices available, so you can find something that makes your life easier without breaking the bank. Either way, the old mop-and-bucket days as we know them are long gone.

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