5 Mouse Trap Mistakes You're Making

Mouse problem? We can help. Be sure not to make these mouse trap mistakes when dealing with an infestation

Learn what mistakes you might make when setting up mouse traps

Nobody wants to find themselves with a rodent problem. Not only is it frustrating, but it can also be quite time-consuming if you don’t install your mousetrap correctly.

And setting up a mouse trap sounds oh-so-easy, doesn’t it?

Well, it is, but there are certain things to be kept in mind when you set up your mouse trap. Just buying a good quality mouse trap will not do the work. There are a couple of mouse trap mistakes that people unknowingly make that render the effort useless. In this article, we will tell you about the top five mistakes that prolong your task of catching mice.

Mouse Trap Mistake #1 - Using Too Few Mouse Traps

You have to demolish rodent infestation fast. The reproduction rates of rodents are very high and as such require fast action. By just setting up one mouse trap and hoping to eliminate the problem completely would be foolish. We would advise you to invest in a couple of mouse traps to solve the problem efficiently and quickly. Also, try to place mouse traps every three feet. If you feel that a specific area requires more traps, you can set the mouse traps an inch (or two!) apart as well. Use your judgment and act accordingly.

Mouse Trap Mistake #2 - Touching the Bait with Your Bare Hands

This is a very common mistake made by a lot of people. When you touch the mouse bait with your bare hands, you leave your scent on it. Mice are really good when it comes to picking up scents and as such, they may not come closer sensing danger. Try to retain the natural scent of the mouse trap bait. We would suggest you wear gloves when you are setting up the mouse trap for this purpose. It is also advisable to wear gloves when you remove a mouse that has already been caught. This will ensure you do not catch any disease while handling the pest.

Mouse Trap Mistake #3 - Installing the Mouse Trap in the Wrong Place

Setting up mouse traps in wrong places can defeat the entire purpose and as such careful thought needs to be given when selecting places to install traps. Mice usually travel along the perimeter of rooms by sticking closer to the walls. Due to their cautious nature, mice prefer concealed spaces too. Try placing mouse traps in corners, cabinets, and behind things. Always remember to place traps with the bait and trigger end facing the wall. If you have an outdoor mice problem, try installing mouse traps near bushes, patio walls, and fences.

Mouse Trap Mistake #4 - Using the Wrong Bait to Lure the Mouse

Despite what cartoons made us believe, mice cannot always be enticed using cheese. In fact, nuts are more useful as bait. Replace your cheese with chocolate or peanut butter and you will see better results. Also, baits need not always be food items. You can use materials like yarn, cotton balls, and twine to lure mice as well. This method works best during winters because rodents try to build nests to shield themselves from the cold, and as such, they’re on the lookout for similar materials. Just tie the twine or yarn on the trap so that when a mouse pulls at it, the trap can spring into action successfully catching it.

Mouse Trap Mistake #5 - Deciding on the Wrong Quantity of the Bait

The quantity of bait plays a very important role where catching mice is concerned. When you use too much bait in the trap, there are higher chances for mice to steal some bait without getting caught in the trap. Furthermore, some rodents can be extremely deft when it comes to stealing bait without being caught. Hence, it is wiser to place tiny amounts of the selected bait to attract mice and spring the trap into action.

To conclude, even though setting up mouse traps sounds easy, and it is, you need to think logically and be careful when you actually get to installing the mouse trap that you don't make a mistake. Keep checking the mouse traps regularly until those pesky creatures are caught. And always try to eliminate rodent situations as soon as you can. If you get lazy, then the problem will become very big, very quickly.

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