Must Have Grill Features & Accessories

Getting a grill? We'll help you shop. Here are some must-have features for your gas grill

From electric igniters to stainless grates, here are the gas grill features you need

Bells and whistles aren't for everybody, and will often come with a bigger price tag, but they definitely do have their benefits. This is certainly true when it comes to buying a gas grill.

When you're shopping, all the cool technologies and features might be tempting, but make sure the grill you choose has only the features and accessories that you'll actually use. Read on to learn about some of the selling points to look for in a gas grill, so you can decide what's worth it, and what you can skip.

LED-Lit Controls and Cooking Space

Trust me, lights aren't just a tacky add-on. Aside from colors adding style to your knobs or control panel, and helping light up your cooking area, they're also very underrated in terms of allowing you to cook after sundown with no problems whatsoever. In that way, they offer great utility as well as flair.

Side Burners

If you need a little extra side space for sides or want to cook certain foods separately, you can always opt for some side burners, which in some cases can even double as sear burners to boot.

A Pullout Tray for Your Gas Tank

This one is out of pure convenience. It basically streamlines the process of replacing a tank by allowing it to be slid out on a built-in sliding platform within your grill's housing, keeping your grilling experience as smooth as possible.

Gas Tracking Gauge

Following the gas tank theme, getting a gauge for your tank's fuel is a great way to let you know when you're nearing replacement time. This way you can time your cooking so that you never get caught on empty halfway through a Sunday lunch cookout.

Heavy-Duty Grates

Choosing the right material for your grill grates is essential. Be it 304 stainless steel or cast iron, these materials grant you the features of better searing, maintenance of heat, and overall grate durability.

Electronic Igniters

These are usually easier and more reliable than the more traditional rotary or push-button igniters.


When it comes to accessories, there's no shortage of great options. You might think that all that matters is making sure your food is cooked right, and while that is important, there's so much more that can contribute to a great grilling experience. The following list are not only nice add-ons to your grill purchase, but it can also serve as some great gift ideas for your friends and family members... you can thank us later!

Full BBQ Sets

These are basically the mechanics' toolboxes for barbecue enthusiasts, seriously they are equipped with everything. The best ones come with stainless steel utensils fitted for any possible culinary situation, neatly packed into nice and portable storage cases that you can carry around with you anywhere.

Cheese Melting Domes

For all you cheese lovers out there, this is a must-have. These domes can be placed on top of your burgers to speed up the cheese melting process by trapping heat. They're both efficient and delicious.

Digital Meat Thermometers

Having an accurate read of your meat’s temperature is vital to whipping up the perfect plate of food. These timers come equipped with wireless sensors and timers. Some models even allow you to set alerts for when certain temperatures are reached. This really helps as it means you'll not only get consistent results, but you'll get them without having to constantly check or guess if your meat is done to your preference or not. This little gadget really does help in streamlining the whole process.

Grill Mats

These are a convenient way for you to avoid the sometimes-difficult task of cleaning after an afternoon of cooking, it also makes sure you don't lose any food that may fall through your grill. Make sure you opt for brands that are made of safe materials, such as silicone, that can withstand the highest temperatures. They're usually dishwasher-safe too so cleaning is truly a breeze.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there's a lot more to grilling than meets the (rib) eye. Sure, you might say that some of these accessories or features may be unnecessary and you might be right, but if you have extra cash to spend then many would argue that these options could really improve the grilling experience by reducing your common frustrations. So, make some minor improvements, change your grilling life, and let yourself get excited by that sweet smokey smell all over again. Just please save a few burgers for us if you could.

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