Must-Have Vacuum Features

The features that you need in your vacuum cleaner... and those you probably don't.

Vacuum Features Actually Needed

There are many different vacuum cleaners on the market today. You can find them in all shapes, sizes, and styles. Each type of vacuum promises you a list of features that can be lengthy and confusing when you don’t know what their function is and how they work.

What features do you really need or want?

You want to make sure you are getting the features you want in a vacuum that will be beneficial to you. Therefore, it is essential you understand what features are necessary and which ones you can simply ignore.

Must-have vacuum features

Throughout the long list of various vacuum features, there are some great ones that you want to have. To get the vacuum you want and deserve, have a look at the various features that are most useful.

Some of these features are important to some and not others. Therefore, you know your own situation best and which features will really benefit you.


When you are vacuuming your home, you are going to encounter areas that are darker than others. Since vacuuming in dark spots or under furniture makes it difficult for you to know if you vacuumed in properly, a headlamp is a good feature to have.

Having a headlamp on your vacuum will help you know whether or not an area has been vacuumed efficiently or not without having to guess.

Cordless or retractable cord

Some vacuums have cords, and others do not. The ones that do not have a cord are generally higher-end and cost more. Therefore, if a cordless vacuum isn’t in your budget, look for one with a retractable cord. Purchasing a vacuum with a retractable cord will help with storage and will help avoid you tripping all the time on a cord that is left on the floor.

Full-container indicator

Either bagless or bagged vacuums that have a full-container indicator light will help you to know when the bin needs to be cleaned out, or if the bag needs to be replaced, rather than vacuuming one day and finding streaks of dirt left on the floor.

Edge cleaner

You will find this feature mostly in upright vacuums and canister models. The edge cleaner will help you to pick up all the dirt on the floors that accumulate closest to the walls. Additionally, the edge cleaner will help you to pick up dirt from around the cleaning head.

Carpet height adjustment

The surfaces in your home aren’t likely to be 100 percent uniform. Therefore, you want your vacuum to accommodate all the surfaces with the same effectiveness. It is for that reason that you want your vacuum to come with carpet height adjustments.

These adjustments generally come with a bare floor feature as well. Having these height adjustments allows you to move across surfaces and not worry that one or the other isn’t going to be cleaned properly.

Self-propelled feature

Though one of the simplest features, it is a great one to have. The simplicity of self-propelling makes use of drive and transmission systems to push and pull the vacuum with little to no effort on your part.

The only downside to this feature is it can make the vacuum a bit heavier than ones that don’t have this feature. Therefore, if you aren’t going to have to lift the vacuum repeatedly, this is a great feature for you.

In closing...

There are many different styles of vacuums that come with a large range of features. You may not completely understand each of these features, but there are some that you are going to want to have.

Overall, the features you aim for will be dependent on your unique situation and home. Therefore, you want to be sure that you understand what each feature is and why they are good to have. Most of the features listed above are very useful, and some are just good to have.

When you make your next vacuum purchase, be sure that these must-have features are included. These features will make life much simpler for you.

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