How to Get a Natural Look With an Eyebrow Pencil

How can you create natural-looking brows using an eyebrow pencil? Here's how to avoid looking fake. Learn to fill in brows for a polished look.

Natural Looking Brows With Eyebrow Pencils

Today’s hot eyebrow trends are all about the full look. Whether you are going for the high and bright arch look, the feathery look, or soft arches, You can’t achieve any of these great looks with sparse, thin brows. Unless you were born with great brows and had the good sense not to over-pluck during the thin eyebrow craze of the ’90s, that means your eyebrows are going to require filling in with something, and an eyebrow pencil is the simplest and most common choice. So how do you get a natural look that doesn’t scream out, “penciled brows?”

Color is Critical for eyebrow pencils

It’s all-important to pick the right color eyebrow pencil if you want a natural look. Most experts recommend choosing a pencil that is a shade lighter than your natural eyebrow hair if you are a brunette. Choosing a color that matches your actual eyebrow color will almost always end up looking too dark and will give you an unnatural look. Blondes should use a color that is one shade darker than their root color. Be careful to choose a cool-toned color if you are an ash blonde and a warmer tone for brighter or honey blondes. If your hair is black, you should choose a soft dark brown that is a shade lighter. Using a black pencil on your eyebrows usually results in an angry or evil appearance, which probably only works on Halloween.

For an even more natural look choose two different tones that are close, but not exactly the same. This will give your eyebrows dimension and a more textured appearance.

Lose the Line when filling in brows with eyebrow pencils

Never—EVER—use a single line to shape your brows. Instead, use short, dash-like lines that resemble individual hairs to fill in sparse areas. Always use a sharpened pencil for thin lines and pencil them in following the direction of your real hairs.

Don’t Over-Arch the brow

When defining your eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil be careful not to create an unnaturally high arch. You want to avoid a look of perpetual surprise and obviously penciled-in brows. You can add a subtle arch with a pencil, but be sure to pencil it in where a natural arch would actually appear. The best way to do this according to makeup artists is to take your eyebrow pencil and hold it diagonally from your nostril to the center of your top eyelid. The tip of the pencil will be pointing to the place where your eyebrow would naturally arch. Make sure your arch isn’t too sharply pointy, but instead is a soft, blurred line.

Bring on the Brush to help shape brows while using a pencil

Use an eyebrow brush, spoolie, or clean mascara wand to brush your eyebrow hairs downward before penciling. Then lightly pencil in your ideal brow shape with short, flicking strokes. After you finish penciling, brush your eyebrow hairs back upward so they will blend with your filler lines. Use your spoolie or eyebrow brush to buff and blur out any harsh lines to ensure a soft and natural look.

how to create the right length when using an eyebrow pencil

Eyebrows should begin where your fingertip will be if you place your finger against the ball of your nose pointing upward. It’s usually just over the inner corner of your eye.

You can find where your eyebrow should end by placing your eyebrow pencil at the outer corner of your nose and point it diagonally across the outer corner of your eye. This will show you where most women’s eyebrow tail ends. Avoid adding a long tail to your eyebrow line. Over-extending the line of the tail down the side of your face will give you a sad, droopy look.

Once you have your perfect eyebrow look, be sure you keep the look all day by using an eyebrow setting gel, or by spraying a tiny amount of hairspray onto a fingertip and brushing it over your perfectly groomed eyebrows.

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