Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

How can you naturally moisturize dry skin? Learn our top tips here. Use the best cleansers, moisturizers, and cosmetics to look and feel better.

Treating Dry Skin Naturally: Best Home Remedies

Dry skin is something that affects millions of people every year, and with the environment becoming more tarnished from smog and industry the hard elements outside are only going to take their toll on our skin even more. Protecting your skin is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself to preserve your appearance, as well as prevent diseases such as skin cancer. Taking care of your skin can seem like a full-time job, and there are hundreds of products that promise miraculous results. But, there is also a boom of natural health choices out there which also preserve your skin tone and add other essential health benefits to you as well.

Natural remedies are becoming more and more widely recognized in the skincare community, and as the cosmetic companies try to mimic the natural benefits of these supplements you can enjoy them right now. Taking care of your skin the natural way is one of the only ways to prevent yourself from being exposed to the chemicals that companies put into makeup nowadays. Likewise, if you are a vegan you’ll appreciate going the natural route because many cosmetic companies test their products on animals. Read on below as we take a look at some of the most effective remedies for curing dry skin.

How to Create A Natural Moisturizing Mask to treat dry skin

The movement for natural beauty is among us, and with that being said there are a few ways that you can repair your dry skin naturally. A mask has been used for centuries, and there are quite a few natural masks that make for a wonderful facial experience. If you have a few hours on your hands you can create a one of a kind natural mask right at home, and experience a spa-like facial with little to no complicated ingredients. The most common type of mask that you can make on the cheap at home is an avocado mask, the classic spa mask that you might have seen a million times before.

The avocado mask will benefit your skin with all of the effects that avocado has, while the ingredients that you’ll need are very slim. To whip up an avocado mask just take some fresh avocados, olive oil, and honey. Whip it all together in a bowl and put it in the refrigerator for an hour or so, this cold mask will open up your pores and exfoliate your face. Pretty easy way to keep your face fresh right? Not to mention the great smell of the honey and avocado mixed into one amazingly easy natural mask.

How to Make A Moisturizing Homemade Facial Scrub for dry skin

If there is one thing that we don’t do often enough it's scrub our faces, and we’ve all been there. Maybe you are just too tired, or maybe you don’t want to devote some personal time to yourself. But, making a homemade facial scrub is a great and natural way to improve your overall look and keep your face healthy and fresh. There are a few homemade scrubs that you can make, but the most important thing to remember is that a facial scrub should scrub the skin. You are not hurting the skin by scrubbing it, you are only making your skin softer.

The easiest DIY scrub that you can make from natural ingredients involves sugar and olive oil mixed into one. How does this simplistic mixture scrub the skin? Well, the sugar acts as the grit that you are going to use to open your pores, and the natural health benefits of honey are going to moisturize your skin. Homemade facial scrubs are a great way to get the benefits of going to a spa, without having to spend money like you are at the spa.

How Taking A Moisturizing Bath Can Soothe Dry Skin

Surprisingly enough, a bath is one of the most practical ways to moisturize your dry skin and feet, and you can do it naturally and on a budget. When you take a bath there is a good deal of things that you can add to the water, but many of these awesome smelling bath time items contain harsh chemicals. So, what can you add to your bath water to get the same effects on your skin? Well, natural oils are a great thing to add. There are a few different oils that you can add to your bath water to experience much softer skin.

These oils include jojoba, argan, and avocado oil. The process for adding the oil to your bathwater is not hard at all, and it doesn’t take as much oil as you would think. You’ll just add the oil by the teaspoon, depending on how many gallons of water your tub is and how oily you want things to get. You’ll want to take caution when it comes to using oil in your bath water as things can get slippery, so just keep that in mind as you drift off to the land of relaxation.

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