Natural Ways to Get Rid of Stretch Marks

How can you make stretch marks fade? Here are the best safe and natural remedies. Take steps now to make your skin more like it used to be.

How to Make Stretch Marks Fade: Natural Remedies

Stretch marks are our skins natural way of showing the history we have journeyed in our bodies. Stretch marks usually begin in puberty when there are bursts of weight, growth, and hormones. These marks can last for life, and show how much experience you have lived also. While the marks are a natural way of life and can tell a body’s progression from puberty to pregnancy (and some exciting things in between), many people may feel uncomfortable with them.

And, while they are nothing to be ashamed of (because everyone has them) being comfortable in your body is essential. If you find that you are looking for remedies to get rid of the stretch marks, read on below and find a few that are compiled from items you can find at home or quickly at a store, naturally.

Can Coconut Oil make your stretch marks fade?

Coconut oil has been researched and found to have healing properties. Since stretch marks are a form of scarring due to quick changes in skin growth, coconut oil can be the way to go for you.

As easy as it is to use, coconut oil comes in two forms. Solid and liquid. More importantly, the solid melts into a liquid when it is heated. A safety suggestion, if you’d rather use the liquid instead is to heat the oil slowly and make sure not to add it to your skin if it has boiled or recently been on the stove. One idea would be to leave the oil out in the sun, or on your oven when you are cooking to melt it down. Be safe if this is your choice, the oil can heat up quickly and will burn if applied when it is too hot.

However, solid coconut oil breaks down just as easily as soap. So, keep in mind, you won’t have to melt your coconut oil at all, and while you can scoop it out of a jar and spread it around, it would be the easier (and safer) route to take.

Aloe Vera Plants for reducing the appearance of stretch marks

Not only are succulents a fashion staple in any home decor, but Aloe Vera also has healing properties. Not unlike a coconut, using the innards of the plant will give you the healing components. The great thing is that all you have to do is to cut part of a stem off, squeeze out the gel and rub it on your affected area.

Now, you can get just by aloe lotion at the store, but then, you’ll miss out on having some great décor in your home too.

How Vitamin Helps skin to recover and stretch marks to fade

Vitamin A is called retinoid and is used in most of the cosmetics, and facial creams sold today. Retinoid has been proven to help skin look more youthful and smooth.

Purchasing vitamin A oil or an oral supplement is one way to ensure you’re using a natural substance for your purposes, but eating certain foods that are Vitamin A rich can also help the appearance of your skin look healthy longer. Plus, you’ll be eating some good food too — like sweet potatoes and carrots, so who wouldn’t want that?

As a tip: If you are pregnant and trying to avoid stretch marks, make sure to speak with your doctor first.

Oddly Enough, Sugar Can be Your Best Friend in erasing stretch marks

While the processing of sugar can be what is bad for our insides, creating a sugar scrub with olive oil can be useful for your outsides. Stretch marks ’aren’t deeply embedded into your skin, and sugar will act as an exfoliate. Using a sugar scrub daily can begin to buff away the outer, marked layer of your skin. Plus everywhere you use the sugar scrub will be soft and smooth.

Lemon Juice is Easy to Make and Find and can help with stretch marks

Using lemon juice to help diminish your stretch marks can be quite straightforward. Lemons are found at the grocery store, they are cost-effective, you can access the juice easily, and the acidic properties found in lemons help dull the color of your stretch marks then speed up the healing process.

While using fresh lemons is the best route, finding lemon juice in your local stores can be a timesaver. Try both and see what works best for you.

Hyaluronic Acid is a Fancy Name for Collagen, helping stretched skin to recover

Collagen is a protein in your skin that helps give shape to our skin. With aging, collagen is not produced as much or as often. Using collagen products, oils, or tools will help push the stretch marks out of your skin and help it find a healthy appearance.

In Conclusion: How to Make Stretch Marks Fade

A few other items that can naturally help you get rid of your stretch marks are lemon juice, olive oil on its own, or a derma-roller (a handheld roller with micro, flexible needles used to stimulate collagen). The best natural tool is prevention, using lotion each day or making sure to hydrate your skin will help keep the stretch marks away and support to continue having you find comfort in your body.

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