Traveler’s Guide to Caring for Oily Skin

How do you care for oily skin while traveling? Be prepared. Know how to prep, what to do, and what to bring when traveling with oily skin.

Oily Skin: How to Care for Oily Complexions While Traveling

Traveling is fun. Breakouts? Not so much. If your skin is naturally oily, here are a few tips and tricks to help your skin stay in shape as you globetrot.

How to Prep Your Oily Skin for Travel

Make sure your skin is ready for the journey with a good cleaning. A quality scrub can remove excess oil and dead skin while also prepping you for a change of climate. A little bit of moisturizing will help your skin adjust to the dry environment of travel-especially if you are flying.

How to See How Local Weather Works With Your Skin

Changes in your environment can affect your skin, so it’s worth taking time to prepare a few countermeasures if you know that your environment will be changing significantly. Oily skin may do a little bit better in a dry environment. Conversely, if you are traveling someplace that is more humid, the excess sweat and moisture may prompt breakouts. Likewise, if you know that you’ll be spending more time outdoors, you may want to invest in a sunscreen that is recommended for oily skin.

The Dryness On A Plane May Work Against Your oily skin complexion

Planes are notoriously for being low humidity environments. The extreme dryness, however, may actually prompt your skin to produce more oil to create a balance. Packing a moisturizer or even a mist to be used several times depending on the length of your flight can help your skin feel balanced while you travel.

Avoid Changes to Your Routine to help with oily skin

If you have a skincare routine that works, keep it as you travel with minor adjustments for climate changes and new activities. This may mean packing in all of your care essentials. Remember, if you are flying, there are some pretty specific rules about how much liquid can be packed in a carry one and you’ll want to comply to ensure that you don’t lose your valuable products.

How to Pack A Travel Care Bag for Your oily Skin

Some of your usual skincare supplies will not be suitable to carry on while you fly and, even if you’re not flying, it can be cumbersome to dig through your luggage for your scrub or toner. So, while you want to bring your basics on your trip, it’s worth to pack a little travel care bag with the essentials. Include a moisturizer, face cleanser, and oil blotting sheets to ensure that your face stays clean during your transit. Once you arrive, you can go back to your full fledge skincare routine.

Mind What You Eat and Drink if you tend to have oily skin

While the old saying ‘you are what you eat’ isn’t literally true, certain foods will be better, or worse, for your skin. To ensure that your skin is healthy and happy, you do need a balanced diet so, while you indulged during your vacation, make sure that you are still getting a decent supply of fruit and vegetables and drinking plenty of water. Also, if you are consuming liquor, you should keep in mind that alcohol will dehydrate you from the inside out which may prompt your skin to produce excess oil for balance. To avoid the skin-related side effects and a potential hangover, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water throughout the night; aim for a glass of water after every two drinks — especially if you are being active. Juicy fruit such as watermelon and mango can also be a great source of hydration while providing a cooling snack if you’re somewhere warm.

Skimp on the Makeup with oily skin complexions

Vacation can be a great time to get glammed up, but, if you are doing something a bit more active, consider keeping your makeup to a minimum. If you’re out exploring nature or taking a walk through a city, excessive makeup can mingle with your skin’s oils and your sweat to clog your pores and cause breakouts. If you do opt for foundation, use one with sun protection to avoid having to layer on top of sunblock. You can also bring some oil blotting paper to help get rid of excess sweat and oils as you go. Likewise, you should always take your makeup before bed. Yes, even if you are on vacation.

While taking your skincare into account takes a few extra steps, not having to worry about breakouts and the feeling of satisfaction that you'll get from sticking to your skincare routine will be worth the effort.

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