Pellet Smokers Vs. Traditional Smokers

How to pellet smokers compare to traditional smokers? They're better! Learn how pellet smokers are easy to use and create delicious flavor.

Are Pellet Smokers Better Than Traditional Smokers?

People bond over barbecue. It's an activity that many have come to embrace as a family tradition, or one celebrated among friends. Throughout the years, you might have set up smokers for Fourth of July cookouts or loved ones' birthdays. For such festive celebrations, the only things that could ruin them would be bad weather or bad grills. While the former can't be helped, the latter can be resolved by investing in smokers that can cook meat to your liking. The pellet smoker is one such product, bearing a design more modern than its traditional counterparts. If you're a lover of barbecue cookouts, it's helpful to know why the pellet smoker is worth considering. Here's a breakdown of what distinguishes it from other kinds of grills.

Firing Up The Pellet Smoker: How to get started

A typical smoker has a firebox, in which wood or charcoal get burned to generate heat for grilling. For pellet smokers, this is normally done with wood pellets that are fed into a burn pot. The pellets, made of compressed wood shavings and sawdust, are set aflame until smoke and convection is generated. The pellet smoker has a mechanism called the augur, which holds the pellets in place or delivers them to the burn pot depending on the temperature of the smoker. If the smoker needs more fuel to maintain the fire, the augur will provide a few pellets to keep the desired temperature.

What to know about the Strength of Convection

A strong suit of the pellet smoker is that it relies on convection instead of direct fire. Convection, or the transfer of heat using air in this case, results in more reliable cooking compared to direct fire. The latter might cause some parts of meat to get charred and bitter while leaving some undercooked. This won't happen in pellet smokers, which has a heat baffle that deflects and spreads the heat evenly, helping parts of the meat to get cooked evenly.  Traditional smokers might struggle to get the same cooking results as pellet smokers.

How to cook with Flavors From The Pellets

Pellet smokers also get the advantage of the various flavors that come with barbecue pellets. One group of pellets might contain Hickory, another might have Pecan, and then a third one might have Cherry. This leaves you with the freedom to mix and match or focus on one flavor for the smoked meat. Flavoring the barbecue is made easier by the drip pans found on pellet smokers. The drip pans, like the heat baffles, spreads heat and smoke evenly throughout the smoker with the help of the internal fans. Because the pans catch drippings from the meat, they can vaporize the drippings to enhance the flavor already being provided by the barbecue pellet smoke. Traditional smokers generally lack this feature.

How to enjoy Tech-Assisted Cooking

Pellet smokers come with electronic features like an LCD display and a thermostat to show you the settings and heat levels of the grill. This system is what monitors the temperature of cooking that then leads to pellets getting fed to a firebox for burning. This automation means you won't have to babysit the pellet smoker as much as you would have to with traditional variants. Pellet smokers also come with wifi features that allow you to control the grill from your phone. This gives you more leeway to do other household tasks indoors while your barbecue cooks outside.

What to know about Smoke Flavors

Lastly, a distinguishing factor between pellet and traditional smokers would be the intensity of smoke flavors. Meats cooked with traditional smokers tend to have a more pronounced smokey taste, whereas pellet-smoked meats tend to have a subdued smokiness to them. This, therefore, becomes a matter of preference, as some might consider strong smokey flavors a big deal while others might be fine regardless of it.

How to choose Pellet Vs. Traditional

In sum, choosing between pellet smokers and traditional ones entails comparing their features. Pellet smokers cook food by convection instead of direct flame. They also can use barbecue pellets that come in assorted flavors to mix and match. Modern tech features can be found in pellet smokers, such as temperature monitoring and wifi for remote cooking. Meanwhile, traditional smokers give a more intense smokiness to the cooked meats. If you asked me, the pellet smoker would be the choice that pays off in the long run. it embraces today's features and lets you do other preparations during a gathering with your loved ones.

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