Achieving the Perfect Look With an Eyebrow Pencil

How do you use an eyebrow pencil? Here's our guide. Learn to create lovely, flawless brows to complete your polished makeup look.

How to Get Perfect Brows With an Eyebrow Pencil

Beauty trends are evolving all the time. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date and know how to achieve the perfect look with an eyebrow pencil. You may have noticed how eyebrows are increasing in size in modern times. Knowing this puts a responsibility on each and everyone to take proper care of your brows to achieve a polished appearance.

Whether it is about the colors of your eyebrow pencil or any other beauty tool, you can always do with an update of your makeup accessories. When you are armed with the latest accessories, it will allow you to experience the best results. What better way to achieve your goal of sporting dashing eyebrows than having the best tools at hand.

How Do You Achieve Perfect Eyebrows Using an Eyebrow Pencil?

Many women feel insecure when thinking of their eyebrows and the way others see them. Maybe this is the reason a lot of time is spent grooming eyebrows.

The thing is that brows come in all thicknesses, colors, and shapes. Regardless of which category you fall under, there will always be a need for maintaining or grooming your brows.

Interestingly, our eyebrows are shaped in such a way that they complement our natural bone structure. Ideally, our brows should lay squarely on the bone, begin at the bridge of our nose and end up at the corner of our eyes.

How to use a Brow Pencil to Enhance Your Looks

One shouldn't be ashamed of making use of your eyebrow pencil to fill in any shortfalls. It is necessary to make up for thinner spots within your brow using your eye pencil to create a fuller look without having to still wait for it to grow out.

Be sure to match the color of your natural brows by looking for a suitable color. Once you added the line, finish up by combing through your brow using a clear brow gel. Do not make the mistake of trying to match your fuller brow with the other one. All you need to do to remedy the situation is to apply less color to your fuller brow.

What You Will Need to Make Your Eyebrows Look Great

The makeup industry is fully aware of how important it is to women everywhere to have the perfect eyebrows. You will find many products are designed to fulfill their desire to achieve perfect eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil.

Some recommended ways to create an amazing look, armed with only an eyebrow pencil, are as follows:

  • Use an eyebrow pencil with an angled brush.
  • When using a fine pencil, be sure to draw multiple strokes so it looks like individual hairs.
  • Make use of a clean makeup brush and gently brush off excess pigment from your brow.
  • Add more pigment and perform another brush off.

Another very popular brow product that deserves our attention is gel. It is excellent for taking care of eyebrow hairs and deepen the color of your eyebrows.

Just as useful is eyebrow wax and powder as these adorn your brows with a more pronounced appearance, which is great for special shoots and occasions.

how to prepare Your Eyebrows for using an eyebrow pencil

As with anything, preparation is key to getting the job done the right way. Before you attempt to give your brows the makeover it deserves, you need to get them in shape. Make use of a tweezer to get rid of stray hairs below, above and in-between your eyebrows. Do not overdo the tweezing as thin eyebrows are out of fashion. You may want to consider using an eyebrow razor or scissors if your brow hairs are too long, and give them a trim.

How to create the Perfect Look with an eyebrow pencil

  • Make use of an eyebrow pomade or angled brush for outlining your brows.
  • Take your highlighting pencil to draw a line on the outside of your eyebrows.
  • Use short and calculated strokes and utilize your eyebrow pencil to fill in the remainder of your eyebrows. Ensure you keep the wider section of the brow lighter and apply more color towards the end.
  • Make use of a clear mascara brush or what they would call a spoolie to brush the hairs upward.
  • Use clear gel to help your brows stay in place in cases where they are unruly.

These are the basic steps you'll need to achieve the perfect look with an eyebrow pencil. The process can be customized to accommodate various occasions.

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