Picking the Best Color For Your Eyeliner

Unsure of eyeliner color? We can help. Here's how to pick the best eyeliner color

Learn to pick the best eyeliner color for your look

While black is considered the classic eyeliner, there are dozens of colors and shades of eyeliner on the market. If you’re at a bit of a loss with the array of options, here are a few things that can guide you in picking the best color for your eyeliner.

Based on Your Beauty Needs

If you are trying to go for a certain look, you’ll need a specific color eyeliner. Whether you want an eyeliner for everyday use, want to experiment with Instagram makeup trends, or need to get your makeup to match your Halloween costume, your purpose will help dictate your color choices. If you are following a trend, for instance, you’ll already have a recommended color, for the look to come out the way it is in the tutorial, you’ll at least need to be close to that color. If you are looking for makeup to match your Halloween costume, you’ll need to figure out your ‘character’ before picking an eyeliner color.

On the other hand, if you are looking for something that will work daily you should consider your personal style and personality. Do you like colors that pop, or do you prefer your makeup to be subtle? If you like to make a statement, opt for brighter colors that will really make your eyes pop and bring out your eye color. Or, you may be more of a goth when it comes to style, in which case black eyeliner is pretty much a staple but maroon, midnight blue, and amethyst may also do the trick.

Based on Your Skin Tone

The goal of eyeliner for a lot of makeup styles is to make your eyes pop without being overbearing. To accomplish this, you should take your skin tone into account when choosing a color.

Darker Skin Tones: If your skin is very dark, black eyeliner may actually look like a subtle addition — unless you are adding other colors underneath. To make your eyes really pop, opt for blue, green, or even white.

Mid-Range Skin Tones: If you have brown skin or a good tan, the classic black liner will work well. However, this shouldn’t stop you from using other colors.

Lighter Skin Tones: If you have a lighter skin tone and are naturally pale, black eyeliner may actually look harsh. Unless you are going for a deliberate goth or steampunk look, consider opting for brown or gold instead as these can be striking without being providing a sharp contrast.

Based on Your Eye Color

Choosing the right color eyeliner can really make your eyes pop. The general rule is to choose a contrasting color or a color that’s opposite on the color wheel to achieve the effect.

Blue Eyes: Yellow and orange are opposite of blue on the color wheel, and those shades can really make your eyes pop. If you are looking to go more subtle, opt for gold or champagne

Green Eyes: To make green eyes stand out, opt for shades with red undertones such as auburn or amethyst. Increase the brightness of your reds and purples for a bold statement or opt for a more muted mahogany for a casual look.

Hazel Eyes: Hazel eyes are a mix of brown, gold and green. You can bring out the green in your eyes with an olive eyeliner or a gold liquid eyeliner to bring out the colors. A warm brown will also make a statement.

Brown Eyes: To bring out the beauty of your brown eyes, try grey, amber, brown or even midnight blue. The colors can vary depending on your overall desired look and skin tone. A grey or brown can also be applied to the lash line since it won’t be as harsh as black and give you the raccoon eye.

In addition to the tips above, you want to remember that you aren’t limited to one single eyeliner color, especially if you find affordable drugstore-brand options. If you are still a fan of the classic black liner, that’s great, but you do have plenty of options if you decide to choose another color for a specific occasion. In fact, you may score a great and add variety to your makeup repertoire by choosing two or three different colors.

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