How Powder Foundation Can Protect Oily Skin

Oily skin? We can help. Learn how powder foundation can benefit oily skin

The scoop on how powder foundation can benefit and protect oily skin

If you deal with oily skin, you'll be happy to learn there a number of ways to remedy this condition. One of the most effective options for treating oily skin is to use a quality powder foundation. Powder foundation absorbs oily residue on the skin and provides sheer coverage that helps to create a natural look. While there are many benefits of powder foundation, the way you use it influences how effective it is on your skin. To maximize the effect of your product, you need to ensure that you look for the best powder foundation and follow the right steps. Here are some of the ways you can make the most of your foundation and properly treat your oily skin.

Using the Right Amount

Powder foundation plays a major role in protecting your skin by absorbing the excess oil on your face and making it appear less shiny. However, it’s important to apply just the right amount of foundation in order to maximize its effectiveness. While you should use enough to properly treat your oily skin, make sure you don’t overdo it, either. Coating your face with too much powder may actually end up having the reverse effect of causing your skin to produce extra oil. It’s best to use any foundation product in moderation, focusing mainly on the shiny areas of your skin. Try to look for a matte translucent product to give your shininess the proper treatment.

Preventing Oil Buildup

It may seem obvious, but you apply powder foundation in order to reduce the amount of oil on your skin, not to introduce more oil that your pores don’t need. It therefore makes sense to purchase foundation products that are free of oil and won’t clog your pores. Your skin naturally produces enough oil for it to stay healthy, so there’s no need to search for extra oil in your makeup products. If you use quality, oil-free powder foundation, it will do its job of protecting your skin on its own.

In addition to foundation, make sure that you use toners and facial cleansers that are free of oil. It’s best to opt for products that contain glycolic acids, which help to absorb the excess oil on your skin. Creating a skin care regimen that caters to your skin needs can pay off in the long run, so make sure you choose your products wisely and pay attention to their ingredients.

Paying Attention to the Process

The way that you choose to apply foundation directly affects how long it will stay put on your skin. To increase the effectiveness of a matte foundation, pay attention to how you apply it on your face. Instead of simply focusing on the oily areas of your skin, it’s best to evenly spread it all around your face. For particularly oily spots, apply the foundation more thinly. Each step you take when using foundation can make a noticeable difference and help you better protect your skin.

Supplementing the Product

Powder foundation works wonders on its own, but you can help it do its job by supplementing it with other skin care products. If you notice your skin becoming oilier as the day goes on, it’s a good idea to carry blotting papers with you. Blotting papers help to soak up any oily residue that appears on your skin. Some products even take the extra step of providing powder that effectively absorbs excess oil on your face. When using blotting papers, be sure to gently press them against your skin instead of rubbing them.

Additionally, a good primer is another useful product to have with you when you struggle with oily skin. However, you may find that the product works more effectively when you apply it after using foundation, rather than before you put it on. When you add primer after foundation, it eliminates any stubborn traces of oil on your face. Focus on applying primer to particularly oily areas of your face for optimum results.

Part Ways With Oily Skin Today

If you heed these tips, you can see the effects of your powder foundation multiply. Watching your oily skin become a thing of the past is only a matter of choosing the right products and using them correctly. Before you know it, drier and healthier skin can become your reality.

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