The Power of Face Serum

Does face serum really help your skin? Oh, yes. Learn what the best face serums can do for you.

How Face Serum Makes A Visible Difference

What are the benefits of using face serums? Most people tend to think using face serums is a load of hype and wasting money. What are serums? Serums are known to be liquid treatments high in concentrated ingredients that help treat skin diseases. Some well-known skin problems include blemish skin, dehydration, discoloration, redness, sagging skin, and wrinkles.

Here are some of the reasons why face serums are important:

Thanks to its light texture, this allows the actives and concentrates to be delivered faster and more effectively. The deeper layer of the skin is well covered by serum treatment options. Moisturizers only help treat the top layers of the skin because they contain large molecules. The best time to apply face serum is before a moisturizer and after applying a toner.

Users can be selective in which actives they choose to use according to a variety of skin needs and types. Most moisturizers are formulated according to one recipe which fits most users. If you are looking to address a particular concern, choose a serum that is tailored to fit your skin needs.

Serums are packed full of antioxidants, mineral proteins, and vitamins. Most people don’t know serums don’t contain fillers which are ingredients used for stability and viscosity.

Users can always control the concentration levels as serums are easy to apply and combine with other ingredients. You can add a little extra serum without having to suffocate your skin.

Another advantage of using face serums is they last longer on the skin. Face serums are protected and sealed by your moisturizer. This ensures your face serum works hard during the day as well as night.

Plant-based ingredients are recommended by experts because they work effectively. They tend to be more efficient for fussy and sensitive skin.

Quality and price vary according to ingredients and size. Most users will pay more for products whose ingredients are harder to find.

Experts also recommend facial products that contain peptides which is an effective way to achieve radiant skin.

What is a peptide?

It’s a string of amino acids which is the basic ingredient used to build proteins. Two amino acids can come together to form a peptide.

What’s the role of peptides in skin health?

Peptides are responsible for knitting together broken skin. Research has found peptides can be mixed with other products such as copper to boost the body’s natural healing power. Peptides are known to heal the skin by boosting collagen production.

Benefits of Peptides on your skin

They also augment the efficacy of antioxidants which help prevent wrinkling. These antioxidants are found in Vitamin C and E which helps offset any environmental damage factors such as pollution, extreme weather, and smoking.

Some face serums help revive the skin thanks to carrying a double bunch of antioxidants and peptides. These serums are linked with palmitates that create a tender facial care product.

How are Serums different from Moisturizers?

To keep water from evaporating, ingredients such as mineral oil or petrolatum helps lock in moisture. Serums don’t have these ingredients found in moisturizers.

Face serums also contain a lesser amount of lubricating and thickening agents. This aids in users getting serum absorbed easily by the skin. And this is why face serums are a great choice for users looking for lightweight skincare products.

Ingredients to look out for in a serum


They help protect skin from any damaging free radicals. Antioxidants are naturally generated by the body.

Cell-communicating ingredients

These include niacinamide and retinol. They can regulate skin functions by using existing chemical pathways and receptors. Cell-communicating ingredients help improve the function of skin cells.


They help add moisture to your skin, unlike moisturizers that seal moisture. Look for serums with amino acids and ceramides which aid in building strong cell membranes. They also help to strengthen the skin’s barrier. Hydrators will prevent your skin from dryness and fine lines.

Vitamin B, C, and E

These include green seed extract, green tea, and resveratrol; pomegranate extract can have potent antioxidants which help restore youthful skin.

There has also been an advancement in cell rejuvenation technology which makes it possible to penetrate serum deep within the skin. Special Nano-emulsion used in antioxidant face serums can penetrate through 5-7 layers of skin.

Face serums are the best beauty products you can add to your beauty skin arson. They help breath life to your skin. Thanks to the appropriate and regular application, you will see results in a short time.

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