How to Prevent an Ant Problem

Don't want ants? Neither do we. Use these tips to prevent an infestation

These tips will help you keep your home ant-free

Don’t be fooled by their tiny sizes, ants are capable of a lot of destruction. Although the destruction takes place slowly, it is still there. In addition to being extremely bothersome, ants can mess up your house‘s structure. Since they travel to-and-fro from Lord knows where they also spread unwanted germs. You have to be extremely careful during the late spring and early summer season. It is during this time that ants begin searching for food and building their colonies. A little negligence on our part may just make our home their next residence.

But, don’t you worry. We have listed some of the most effective ways to help solve existing and potential ant infestations.

You Have to Kill the Ant Queen

No matter how sadistic that sounds, it is the queen that you have to kill. You may keep spraying pest control solutions at the scout ants but it is the queen that lays all the eggs. In fact, the ant queen never leaves the nest and is fed by the scout ants.

Ant colonies have a sophisticated system, and once you understand it, finding the queen and eliminating the trails is easier. Observe the scout ants for some time. Once you determine the location of their nest, you can spray insecticide over it. This will effectively kill the queen and as such solve your ant problem.

Regularly Clean Areas in and Around Your House

Ants are always on the lookout for food. Scout ants have to feed the Queen ant and the other young ants. If you leave food morsels on surfaces around your house then ants will be attracted. Do not leave dirty dishes for the next day. Yes, we know that sounds exhausting but it needs to be done. Leftover food on your plate can be one of the main reasons for an ant invasion. Keep your house clean by sweeping the floors daily. Wipe your kitchen counters and dining surfaces to remove any fallen sticky substances from them. Avoid leaving food items unattended and if you find any leftover morsels, clean them up immediately.

Store Food Items in Airtight Containers

By limiting the access of ants to food sources, you will keep them away from your house. If they do find food in your house, they will keep returning for more. The scout ants leave a chemical trail behind them along with a distinct scent. This enables other ants to follow the trail to locate areas where they can collect more food.

Remove the Chemical Trails

We just told you how these chemical trails set a path for other ants to know where they can find more food. If you remove these trails then they will be lost. Wipe your kitchen surfaces with a mixture of water and vinegar whenever you find ants crawling around. This will successfully remove the chemical and kill the scent left by these ants.

Carefully Place Ant Baits Around Your House

The main advantage of ant baits over other types of ant killers is that when ants get in contact with them, the toxicity from these baits gets carried with them to their colonies. Although this process takes time, it can help to eliminate the ant colony in its entirety. Again, you need to be vigilant when planting these baits. If you set them up in the wrong areas, they'll be useless.

Fill All Visible Cracks Around Your Windows and Foundation

Windows, doors and foundation cracks act as entrances to your house for ants. By sealing these cracks, you’ll be able to permanently block any way for ants to get an entry in your abode. Also, spread some boric acid along any cracks or services. Please remember to be very cautious if you have children or pets in your house as consuming boric acid can be harmful to their health.

Spray Insecticide Around your House Regularly

Set up a schedule to spray insecticides along the perimeter of your house. This will help to ward off scout ants and ban them from entering your home. Invest in good-quality insecticide for this purpose. You can buy it from your local home center or hardware store. Online sites sell insecticides as well.

By following these steps diligently, you will be able to bid adieu to all your ant problems for a long, long time. It may seem like a lot of effort but a little initiative, in the beginning, can save you from a lot of problems later.

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