How To Get Professional Results From Drugstore Concealer

How can you get drugstore concealer to look like professional makeup? Here are our tips. Check out how to best use concealer to look flawless.

Using Drugstore Concealer to Create a Flawless Look

Having beautiful skin is something that everyone dreams of at least once in their life, and when it comes to the facial skin this can be a tough thing to achieve. Whether you have a noticeable bump or blemish on your face or the stress of acne is beginning to take its toll it can be hard to find tangible solutions to clear your face. For most of us, we can only afford drugstore cosmetics and the results that we get are questionable at best, which means that getting the most from what you buy is important. Most concealers are designed to be the touch-up barrier between the foundation and the makeup that you put on your face.

Choosing the right concealer will enhance your look both in person and in photos, but oftentimes we don’t have the funds for a designer concealer from a well-known cosmetics brand. But, with the right technique, you can get your drugstore concealer to have the same phenomenal results that you’d get from a department store brand. Drugstore brand concealer doesn’t have to be shunned when you go to the makeup section of your favorite drugstore, because with a little bit of technique you can improve your looks on a budget and enjoy some of the major bonuses that a good concealer can add to your look. Read on below as we take a look at some of the tips and tricks that you can use to get professional results from a drugstore concealer.

It's All In How You Apply drugstore concealer

Concealer is one type of makeup that often comes in a nice thick liquid, so traditionally people will rub it on. But, rubbing the concealer into your skin is the incorrect way to do it and you’ll notice the difference. The correct way to apply concealer is to pat it on, and you’ll want to do this in a nice circular motion. When you pat your concealer on it will be applied much smoother, and you avoid smearing your concealer and spreading it to another area that you might not necessarily want makeup on.

why you shouldn't ever Use Concealer By Itself

Here’s the thing, all cosmetics are made to be used with each other. If you are just using concealer on your face to hide blemishes this isn’t going to work, instead, you’ll want to combine your concealer with a great moisturizer as well as a foundation. When you use the concealer in conjunction with these products you’ll notice a massive difference in the way that your face looks, and the concealer will work better itself. A lot of times people will try to use concealer alone, and this is not something that’s going to be effective if you have a lot of blemishes.

The Triangle Trick: How to apply concealer correctly for a contoured look

In addition to patting your concealer on instead of rubbing, you’ll want to use what’s known as the triangle trick. The triangle trick is used to get even coverage on your dark circles, whereas just patting the concealer on might not always work. You’ll notice that the triangle trick gives your face the look that it is been lifted, and this is a nice little hack if you have been worried about the effects of aging but you don’t want to spend any money on cosmetic surgery.

how to Blot Your Concealer To Avoid Creasing

Nothing is worse than applying concealer to your face only to experience creasing, this can be maddening. Well, luckily some tricks can help you to overcome this little hurdle and it's quite a simple one. Bathroom tissue, which we all have in some form or another is a great way to stop your concealer from creasing. After you initially apply your concealer allow it to dry for a few minutes, then you’ll go ahead and start blotting it. What this does is prevent the concealer from settling around the eyes, and thus you’ll have a more even look.

Concealer Can Also Hide Redness Around Your Nose

We’ve all been there, when you wake up and have redness around your nose in the morning or after a shower, it can be an embarrassing thing. Well, there is a solution and its been in your bathroom the whole time. Concealer can be used to alleviate that redness from around your nose with ease. Simply begin blotting the concealer on your nose in small dabs, once it dries you’ll notice that you no longer have any visible redness. The concealer is a wonderful way to make your nose look rejuvenated and get rid of any redness that you might see.

how You Can Get Professional Results From A Drugstore Concealer

Just because you don’t have the money to get the department store cosmetics doesn’t mean that you have to experience lackluster results. A drugstore concealer can give you the same results with minimal effort and a few tips and tricks. You’ll be quite happy with the result and how it comes out if you apply these tricks when you are applying your drugstore concealer.

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