Pros and Cons of BB Cream

What is BB cream, and is it better than other beauty products? We think so. Learn whether BB cream is right for you and your skincare needs.


Is BB Cream Right for You?

If you are like many others out there, then you are wondering what the hype is about BB cream. You are not alone in wondering why everyone is talking about this new miracle cream.

BB cream is a new type of foundation that has hit the market recently and comes with a range of benefits. These benefits tend to go beyond what you would expect with any other type of makeup.

The initials of BB cream means Blemish and Balm. As BB cream continues to take over the market of foundations out there, it is developing more advancements that can even make it suitable for treating your skin as well as making it look good.

What are the Pros of BB Cream?

There are many benefits of using BB cream. Keep reading to find out what these benefits are and why you may want to find the best BB cream on the market.

Moisturizes your skin

There are many ingredients in BB cream that can help to moisturize your skin. Ingredients such as cucumber and aloe vera are excellent ingredients for skin that is very helpful for keeping your skin looking both moisturized and healthy.

Contains anti-photoaging properties

BB cream contains Vitamin E, which helps to reduce oxidative stress in the skin which in turn helps to keep your skin safe from damage. Vitamin E is considered to be an incredible antioxidant that also works as an anti-inflammatory agent.

Another good thing about Vitamin E it helps to keep your skin safe from sunburns and reactions to sun exposure. Furthermore, you will be able to reduce skin damage that is caused by UVB because of these properties that are protective of your skin.

Actives in the BB cream helps the skin barrier

When you have dry skin, you can attribute that to a damaged skin barrier. The botanical extracts that you can find in BB cream may act like an additional skin barrier which in turn helps keep your skin supple and soft. There are various actives that help in reducing dry skin that can be found in BB cream, including Betula Alba, and Hypericum.

What are the Cons of BB Cream?

Along with all the good things that come with using BB cream, there are also some things that aren’t so great.

BB cream isn’t great for acne-prone skin

If you are prone to having acne, you may want to stay clear of BB cream. Many of the properties that make BB cream a good thing, such as aloe vera and Hypericum are also the kinds of things that can cause acne to flare up. Therefore, if you have issues with acne, BB cream may make it worse instead of better since it does not contain salicylic acid.

You need additional sunscreen

Though BB cream does have an SPF number to it, you want to be careful because if you are fair-skinned, this SPF is not nearly enough to keep your skin from burning. Therefore, though you may enjoy the feel of BB cream, don’t count on the SPF protection it offers you to be enough. You will have to use a secondary sunscreen that may not make your BB cream foundation look all that great.

BB cream is a makeup product and should not be confused for skincare

If you are hoping for a miracle cream that is going to solve your fine lines, age spots, uneven skin complexion all the while giving you a glowing, healthy skin look, then you are not going to find it in BB cream. Many people seem to think that BB cream can be used as a moisturizer or as a sunscreen. It cannot.

BB cream is makeup. It isn’t skincare and cannot take the place of skincare products. You need to treat your BB cream like the makeup that it is.

Conclusion: why you should use BB cream

BB cream is an amazing product that can do many wonderful things for your skin. With the aloe vera and the Vitamin E that is built into the product, you can really enjoy nice supple skin. Additionally, it has nice medium coverage that is great for your complexion and giving you an even skin tone.

However, don’t be so quick to think that BB cream is this miracle product. As with any makeup, you still need to follow a proper skincare routine as BB cream is not going to help you care for your skin. It is makeup and when treated as such, you can benefit from using it.

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