Pros and Cons of Liquid Eyeliner

How is liquid eyeliner better than a pencil/gel? Here's what to consider. Decide whether or not you want to try liquid eyeliner for eye enhancement.

Liquid Eyeliner: Why It's Better Than a Pencil

Liquid eyeliner makes a lot of promises that can add to the allure of using this type of eye makeup. However, not everything about liquid eyeliner is great. You may be drawn the perfect cat eyes or wings that others have accomplished using a liquid eyeliner, but is that really how it will work out for you?

If you are accustomed to using eyeliner daily, you may use either a pencil eyeliner or a liquid one. Both have some great attributes and drawbacks.

Liquid eyeliner uses a liquid form of color to trace along your eyelids using a fine tip that promises a meticulous application of color to enhance your eyes. Though liquid eyeliner may seem like the best type of eyeliner you can buy, it isn’t always the greatest.

What are the pros and cons of liquid eyeliner?

If you are on the fence as to whether or not to move from your standard eyeliner over to a liquid-based one, then you want to find out what are the good and bad things about this type of eyeliner.

Find out.

what are the Advantages of Liquid Eyeliner?

  • Liquid eyeliner is a great one to use when you are on the go all day long as it does not smudge nearly as easily as does the pencil counterparts. Once applied and it dries, the liquid color will last for however long you need it too and not rub off without some difficulty. Reapplication isn’t as necessary with this type of liner compared to others.
  • Another great thing about liquid eyeliner is that you don’t have to struggle to get the right tip for tracing your eyes. Since it comes in a pen-like style, you no longer have to sharpen or shape it to achieve the desired results.
  • Using this type of eyeliner allows you to get a more accurate outline of your eyes. The tip of a liquid eyeliner pen is fine and allows you to trace your eyes with more ease than you would with a pencil. Additionally, it goes on smoothly without flaking or breaking.
  • Is there a type of eye tracing that you have been wanting to try but weren’t sure you could achieve it? Using a liquid eyeliner is a great way to get creative with your traces. Since the tip is thin and your lines more accurate, you can use your eyeliner pen to try out new styles.

what are the Disadvantages of Liquid Eyeliner?

  • You can’t just open the package for the first time you pick up a liquid eyeliner and use it with meticulous precision. Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of using liquid eyeliner is that you need to get used to it, and that takes practice.
  • If you make a mistake using a liquid eyeliner, it is going to take some time to clean off. You may end up with red eyes by the time you get it right. Therefore, if you are about to go out and are using your liquid eyeliner without much experience, you might end up with unsightly eyes.
  • Drying is something you have to have the patience to achieve. Once you apply your perfect lines and are happy with the results, stay put for up to 10 minutes. Liquid eyeliner does not dry quickly, but you need it to dry before you attempt anything else or you might end up with smudges.
  • You need to have a steady hand to apply your eyeliner properly. Moreover, you need to keep your eyes as steady as possible. To get the right lines, there is no room for shaky hands or extra squinting. You have to be accustomed to being still.

Conclusion: Should you use liquid eyeliner?

Liquid eyeliner is an amazing tool for experienced makeup artists. However, if you are new to the liquid eyeliner scene, you want to put some practice into it before heading out on the town. It's not the type of makeup that you can just apply and move on; it takes some work.

You will love using liquid eyeliner once you get the hang of it because of its precision in making accurate lines that really do accentuate your eyes. The smoothness of the application to not needing to sharpen or worry about breakage makes it a great choice for anyone.

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