Why Are Rain Shower Heads So Popular?

Why are rain shower heads so big right now? They're amazing. Read about increasing your property's value and enjoying showering more.

Rain Shower Heads: Stylish, Relaxing, and Valuable

Rain shower heads are quickly taking over in popularity when it comes to bathroom design. Made to spray water directly down onto the head and body, rain shower heads replicate the feel of a rain while showering. This design can create a relaxing environment for many people, and the rain shower head has recently become a favorite among many homeowners.

So what’s the deal? Are rain shower heads really all that great? And if so, what makes them such a popular choice in today’s market. Here we’ll try to unpack what exactly makes rain shower heads so favored among homeowners.

What Are Rain Shower Heads?

Simply put, rain shower heads are shower heads that are meant to replicate showering in the rain. Sometimes known as rainfall shower heads, rain shower heads come in both adjustable options and non-adjustable options. This means that you can slightly tilt the rain shower head on some models, while others are installed directly into the ceiling of your shower with no options for tilting.

Rain shower heads also come with wide circumferences. They usually are no smaller than 6 inches and greatly increase the amount of water coverage that reaches your body while standing beneath it.

Why Do People Like Rain Shower Heads?

Rain shower heads are popular because they create a consistent and relaxing spray pattern that makes taking a shower much more enjoyable for the average person. In addition to this, rain shower heads produce an even spray of water, allowing you to stay in one place while you shower, rather than turning and switching angles to get water coverage over your entire body.

Many luxury hotels have taken to installing rain shower heads because of their relaxing quality and major appeal. And really, is it any surprise? With rain shower heads showing up again and again on bestseller lists, it makes sense that the hospitality industry would be on the bandwagon.

How Rain Shower Heads Will Increase the Value of Your Bathroom

Rain shower heads are relatively expensive compared to other types of shower heads, though prices have been coming down in recent years. In addition to purchasing a rain shower head, you must also be willing to call in a professional to help install it. For the truest forms of rain shower heads, new plumbing must be run, and that will end up costing some additional money as well.

The good news, however, is that adding a rain shower head to your bathroom will increase the value of your bathroom. If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, or in the process of preparing a home for sale, installing a rain shower head is a smart way to help up the value of your home.

What's The Downside to Rain Shower Heads?

While most people greatly enjoy a rain shower head, there are some people who prefer not to use them because they don’t enjoy having water consistently sprayed on their faces. For those with longer hair, rain shower heads can be a problem because they make it harder to shampoo and condition the hair because of the constant water spray. Additionally, rain shower heads force the hair down onto the head, creating an issue for some people.

Similarly, for those who don’t wash their hair every day, rain shower heads can be somewhat of a detriment. Even with shower caps, rain shower heads are more likely to get your hair wet than typical, angled shower heads where you can easily keep your head out of the water spray.

Should You Get a Rain Shower Head?

When it comes down to it, deciding whether or not to get a rain shower head is an individual decision that each person will need to make. It’s important to note that while rain shower heads are pricier than most other types of shower heads, they are also an investment, helping raise the property value of your bathroom and home.

In addition to cost and value, taking note of what kind of shower experience you enjoy should also be part of your decision-making process. If you like to keep your hair dry for most showers or don’t enjoy water running down your face, then a rain shower head might not be best. On the other hand, if the idea of showering in the rain sounds like a slice of heaven to you, then a rain shower head may be the way to go.

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