What To Consider When Buying A Recliner: Materials, Design & More

What should you consider when buying a new recliner? We'll guide you. Read about how to pick the most comfortable recliner with the features you need.

Recliner Materials and Design: How To Buy the Best Recliner

After a long day's work, nothing beats the feeling of resting on a trusty bed or chair. Professionals or parents would agree, which explains the demand for products like ergonomic chairs or recliners. According to The Spruce, recliners are popular due to their relaxing and lounging features. They are also easy to operate, with just a single button or lever action needed to pull up the footrest or recline the back.

If you're set on buying one soon, it helps to read up on what recliners are. This way, you'll have insight on which variety would work best for your household setup and personal needs. Here's a rundown on the materials in recliners, their types, where to set them up at home, and how you could use them.

What Materials are Involved?

According to Living Spaces, recliners can be made of the following popular materials: leather, polyurethane, fabric, and high-performance fabric. Each one has features that appeal to a target market, like how your budget and personal needs make you lean towards a type.

Leather is valued for its longevity and smooth feel, which explains its premium pricing. Polyurethane is designed to look and feel like leather but costs less than the genuine thing. Fabric is known to absorb heat more slowly than other types but might need more maintenance than leather. Still, the former remains soft, cozy, and not hard to clean. Lastly, high-performance fabric makes an ideal choice of households prone to spills and stains, be it from children or pets.

What Recliner Types are available?

Recliners can be distinguished by their features, as is the case with rockers, lift chairs, wall-huggers, or massage chairs. Rocker recliners are equipped with a motion feature that lets users lean back and then forward in a leisurely way. This makes the chair ideal for seniors, nursing mothers, or insomniac users. Meanwhile, lift chairs have a motor that can be activated to push the chair up from a lowered position, enabling users to get up with ease.

Wall-hugger recliners are used in quarters with limited space since they can be installed close to walls. Lastly, massage chairs come equipped with features that can home in on certain parts of the user's body. The seat can massage the person's legs and back, as well as heat them comfortably.

How to pick the best recliner Size

People might choose a good-looking recliner, only to find out it doesn't fit in well within their room nor accommodate the size of their bodies. Belfort Furniture suggests doing measurements beforehand to prevent such dilemmas. Determine the feet of space occupied by the chair while it is reclined fully so that it won't bump against partitions or other household objects. To test its compatibility with your size, sit on the recliner and see if there are changes in your comfort level. Ideally, your feet should still touch the ground while you're sitting on the recliner. Your head should also be level with the recliner's headrest.

What are the Construction & Design of the recliner?

The construction of the recliner is also something to look at. Does it have screws that are heavy enough? Have you ensured the motor operates quietly? How about handles that are easy to access? Recliners need to come with strong screws that can withstand everyday use. The equipped motors shouldn't emit noise that might inconvenience the user. The levers and handles shouldn't tire you any further upon using them.

You also need to pay the same attention to the recliner's design. For instance, you can check if the chair color fits with that of your room's wall. You could also determine if the chair fits with the existing aesthetic of your home. A retro-looking recliner in a futuristic-style room might not go well together.

Sitting In Judgment: How to pick the most comfortable recliner

It's clear by now that the aforementioned factors need to be noted when you're looking for a recliner. The materials that comprise the chair would affect its future maintenance. You'll need to ascertain which type would best suit your home or personal needs. The size of the recliner would have to checked to see if you'd be comfortable using it. The construction of the chair should ensure long-lasting use, and the design should look pleasant at least. Once you take these into account, you should be able to spot the right recliner for you and start relaxing in no time.

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