Why to Choose Recliners Over a New Couch

Why buy a recliner instead of a new couch? Comfort and relaxation. Read about the features and comforts of recliners and why they're the best.

Why Buy A Recliner Instead of a Sofa or Couch

In need of some new furniture in your living room? If so, you may be having trouble deciding what kind of seating is best. After all, there are couches, loveseats, rocking chairs, recliners, and lounges, just to name a few.

Recliners offer a comfortable sitting position that can be adjusted to fit your back’s needs. Couches, on the other hand, are rarely adjustable, but offer a wider seating area for friends and family. If you’re stuck choosing between these two pieces of living room furniture, we’re here to help.

What Are Recliners?

Modern recliners originally came into the furniture scene during the late 1920s, and because of the comfort they allowed people, they almost immediately became one of the most popular choices for household furniture.

Recliners work by allowing the up-most backing of the chair to recline while the seating area remains in place. This creates an ultra-comfortable experience for whoever is seated. Additionally, recliners also lift the leg support part of the chair, elevating the feet of the person sitting in the recliner.

Why Are Recliners Better Than Couches?

While couches can provide a decent seating setup in any home, recliners take comfort a step further. Recliners can provide pain relief by altering the direction of pressure on your body. They can also improve circulation by assisting the flow of blood and preventing swollen feet via reclining. Additionally, by directing the muscles downward and correcting joint angles, recliners assist with relieving sore joints. Now let’s see a couch that can do all that!

The Types of Recliners

These days, when it comes to recliners, there are quite a few different types available on the market, including rocker recliners, wall-hugger recliners, lift chairs, massage recliners, and contemporary recliners.

Rocker recliners rock when they are reclined, making them a favorite for those looking to nod off while seated. The rocking motion can help with insomnia, and for some people, they find rocker recliners even more comfortable than traditional beds. Additionally, rocker recliners are a popular choice amongst mothers of newborns, as the rocking motion can also help soothe irritated babies. Many rocker recliners also come with a swivel feature as well, making it easy to turn the entire chair in a circular motion.

Wall-Hugger recliners are great for small spaces, because these recliners often stay straight, taking up less area. If you struggle with getting up out of chairs, wall-hugger recliners are also ideal, as only the feet are elevated, making it easier to get up from the recliner’s seat.

Lift chairs are more rare, as they are made for people who need specialized help getting up from chairs. These recliners have a motorized mechanism that helps to push the chair’s seat up, making it easier to get out of it. Lift chairs come in many different sizes, and they are usually pricer than other types of recliners.

Massage recliners provide all the benefits of a traditional recliner, and then some! These recliners have built-in massagers where the backrests, and sometimes, calf massagers as well. Like lift chairs, massage recliners are on the more costly end of the recliner market, but they are well worth the price tag if you’re looking for a relaxing seat.

Contemporary recliners continue to become more and more modernized in their style, making them a favorite amongst the youth. These recliners are focused on aesthetics and breaking down the traditional image of old man recliners to replace it with something more modern and aesthetically appealing. However, don’t let their style fool you, contemporary recliners offer just as much support and comfort as more traditional recliners.

Do Sofas Include Recliners?

If you’re still struggling with saying goodbye to couches in favor of recliners, don’t fret. If seating is your main concern, you can purchase a reclining sofa to offer you the number of seats you need, while also providing you with the comfort you want.

Reclining sofas come in both manual and electric versions, and they offer a great deal of back support for those experiencing back pain. The price tag of reclining sofas will be higher than traditional couches, and you will also need to make sure your reclining sofa is pulled out from the wall to prevent scratching and allow a full recline. However, in the case of the reclining sofa, the cost is well worth the comfort.

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