Top Remedies to Get Rid of Your Old Scars

Top Remedies to Get Rid of Your Old Scars

There are two types of people in the world – one who is not afraid to show their scars, and the other includes those who feel a little self-conscious because of it. Let me tell you that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to remove or lighten the appearance of your scars.

The first step to achieve this is knowing the type of scar you have. This is because different scars have different treatments. Depending on whether your scar is superficial or severe, you can accordingly choose ways to help you lighten and remove it. Read on as we discuss a few top remedies to help you get rid of your old scars.

Applying Fresh Aloe Vera Gel to make scars fade

Aloe vera has been used since ancient times to improve and lighten the appearance of scarred tissues. It helps to hydrate the skin penetrating up to three layers of the epidermis, making the skin look healthier and more nourished. It contains mannose phosphate that helps to stimulate the growth of skin tissues and promotes healing.

After scooping the clear gel from the leaf, massage it gently into your scar using circular motions. Let it be for half an hour and rinse.

Getting Chemical Peels Done to help scars go away

Dermatologists use chemical exfoliants to remove dullness and lighten old scars. Also, this method can make the skin glow and improve an uneven complexion. This method is especially useful in the case of acne scars but, skin experts can suggest chemical peels depending on the type of your scar as well.

Applying Pure Coconut Oil to treat scars

By applying coconut oil on the scarred tissue, you can see a visible difference over time. Coconut oil helps to bind together new skin tissues by boosting collagen. It can also lighten the redness and pigmentation commonly associated with scars. When you apply coconut oil on the scar, leave it for at least an hour and repeat it two to three times a day.

Opting for Over-the-counter Drugs to get rid of scars

If you visit a skin expert for your scars, there are high chances for them to prescribe you over-the-counter drugs. This can include effective scar creams or prescription drugs. Scar creams are especially very effective as they help to light in the sky as well as stimulate skin cell repair. After continued use, you’ll be able to see a considerable difference. No wonder, using scar creams is one of the most popular methods for scar removal.

The skin expert may even offer you to get steroid injected around the skin surrounding the scars. This method is also very good for reducing the appearance of old scars.

Applying a Baking Soda and Water Mixture to scars

Baking soda is also known as sodium bicarbonate. It is a natural alkaline that helps to counteract the acidity present in our skin. It helps to reduce scars and diminish pigmentation. This has an overall lightening effect on the scar.

You’ll need to mix two tablespoons of baking soda with distilled water giving it a paste-like consistency. Apply the mixture on your scar after waiting for the area with distilled water. Leave your face for 15 minutes and then rinse. For effective results, it’s better to do this regularly.

Getting a Laser Treatment to make scars vanish

When you have a severe scar that just isn’t going away even after multiple tries, it’s better to opt for a laser treatment. Schedule an appointment with your skin expert to understand what type of laser would be suitable for your scars. If you have keloids or hypertrophic scars, for example, you need to go for a yellow laser treatment.

Laser treatments are most certainly very effective when it comes to scar removal. It helps to even out the texture of the skin and repairs damaged skin cells.

Rubbing Potato on the Skin to treat scars

Potatoes have been used as a topical treatment for quite some time now. It contains properties that help to reduce the redness caused due to scarring while simultaneously lightening the skin. It can also help to reduce pigmentation. Just cut the potato into thick, round slices and rub it on your scar in a circular motion. You should do this for at least 20 to 30 minutes and then let it air dry. Remember to replace a drying piece of potato with a fresh slice while doing this. This should be done regularly to see effective results.

You can also dip the potato slices in lemon juice to expedite the process even more. Just like potatoes, lemons are also a natural skin lightening agent that can help to even the skin tone.

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