How to Mow Your Lawn with Your Riding Lawn Mower

Not sure how to mow your lawn? We can help. Use our tips to get a picture-perfect yard

Make the most of your riding mower with these tips

One of the sweetest feelings is to sit on your riding lawn mower, admire the view, and listen to the rhythmic sounds of the motor underneath you. We may think that we are using just another lawnmower when it is a small tractor used to mow lawns with. Having a larger property it makes perfect sense to opt for a riding mower to take care of the lawn.

For some of us, the idea of mowing our lawns this way might be new. As a result, you may or may not be stumped for ideas on how to mow your garden with your riding lawn mower.

What would be the most dependable way to go about mowing your lawn using a lawn tractor?

How to Mow Your Lawn the Best Way Using Your Riding Mower

It starts with preparing your machine. Here is how:

  • If you make use of a gas-powered cutting machine, you need to put enough gas in it.
  • An electrically operated mower should be connected to a power source.
  • In case you have not used your mower in a while, you should grease the blades and chain sets.

Once done, you should set up your riding lawn mower for the task ahead by:

  • Set the deck on high if your grass is tall, and low if it only requires a trim. Make a point of making your setting higher during drought or hot weather conditions. When colder, you can make use of a lower setting
  • While busy mowing, aim to only cut off a third of the length of the grass in order to return nutrients to the soil.

Protect Your Mower Blades

When mowing be sure to do your best to protect the blades from getting damaged.

The way to make this happen is to avoid going over stones. If you find that the terrain is full of smaller rocks, then resort to a push mower for this purpose so you can wade your way around these.

As you mow a slope be sure to follow the grain of the lawn and avoid cutting across as it will damage the mower blades.

Other Tips to Consider When Using a Riding Mower

Lawn mowers are typically quite noisy. Ensure you wear protective gear to guard your hearing.

To ensure you do not leave any grass uncut, make a point of overlapping. The way to do is to place a marker on each side of the riding mower to serve as your overlap marker.

Always ensure you keep your blades sharp as the quality of these will have an impact on how your lawn turns out. If not sharp enough, it may mean that you have to engage in multiple passes to get the job done correctly.

If you are someone who favors a golf course look, then you can utilize a good quality roller and attach it to your riding lawn mower to create a similar effect.

Edging and Trimming Tips

Edging and trimming procedure is part and parcel of the finishing touches of mowing one’s lawn. You may compare it to getting a shave after a haircut. Edgers are commonly used for this purpose and are made to trim your lawn along the hard surface or sidewalk of your property. It may result in a clean edge, but grass debris and dirt will be left behind for you to clean up afterward.

Trimmers can be used anywhere, whether it is a tight space, hard surface, or next to plants. Similar to when you do edging, you will have to clear up any clippings on the driveway and paths.

The Importance of Practicing Lawn Safety

Every year, hundreds or even thousands of injuries take place in your backyard due to improper procedures when using lawnmowers.

Powered riding lawn mowers can be dangerous. Be proactive and follow the suggested tips to avoid injuries:

  1. Know your equipment by reading the owner’s manual and becoming familiar with the various safety features.
  2. Wear proper clothing and check the lawn for any stones or other objects before mowing.
  3. Keep your kids and pets away from the lawn when busy mowing and do not let your children operate the riding mower unless they are strong and mature enough to do so.
  4. If you need to refuel your mower, let the engine first cool off for about 10 minutes and ensure you use a proper pouring spout.

As a side note, be careful around trees when mowing as you do not want to impede their growth by accidentally bumping a tree while cutting the lawn with the riding mower. Senseless whipping every week will damage the sensitive tissues underneath the bark of your trees.

It might be an idea to keep a useful reminder on your refrigerator or elsewhere in your home concerning lawn care and caring for your riding lawn mower.

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