Which Shark Vacuum Cleaner Is Right for You?

Which Shark vacuums is best for you? We'll make choosing simple. Consider these features and accessories to find what fits your needs.

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Shark Vacuum Cleaners: How to Find the Best Model for You

There is no shortage of vacuums when you are on the lookout for either upright or cordless models. One of the best brands to consider is Shark, which offers some of the best options around.

Without any further ado, let us delve a little deeper to discover the best options in Shark vacuums right now. We've rounded up some of the best three options to suit a range of needs.

Which Shark vacuum should you buy?

To ensure you choose the right vacuum that is in line with your needs is a case of reviewing the different options that might fit your needs and making your decision based on their findings.

If you need to clean tougher areas, then you would probably not mind a vacuum that is a bit noisier, but more powerful in getting the job done to your liking.

Folks who live in a small apartment will love the stick vacuums as you can quickly get in under furniture to get the job done, and the vacuum does not take much space for storage.

Cordless vacuums may be convenient, but will quickly run out of battery. However, the fact that you do not have to contend with cords that tend to get in your way is a bonus.

What are some of the best Shark vacuums around?

Shark DuoClean Rocket Corded Upright Vacuum

What makes the DuoClean so exceptional is its one-of-a-kind cleaning technology. The bristles underneath let you get in quite deep to ease the process of picking up bigger items such as Legos and cookie crumbs.

What users find really nice is the fast cleaning action to ensure your carpet gets a deep clean.

Another advantage is that this model can be converted into a hand vac without too much effort. This way, you can clean your drapes or sofa with the same tool. This feature can be pretty useful for pet owners.

People who deal with allergies will love the HEPA filters as they can help eliminate allergens and small dust particles.

Shark Ninja Rotator for Pet Lovers

Love them or hate them; pets are a big part of our lives. One might as well opt for a vacuum that helps to clear the dry messes they leave behind.

The Ninja Rotator does an excellent job in that it effortlessly moves into corners and around the furniture to achieve the impossible: picking up what our furry friends left behind. The dust canister lifts right of the upright unit to make its way into hard to reach places.

Sooner or later, we may face a situation where our pets left clumps of dirt or balls of fur behind where we least expected it to appear. The problem is that it can be back-breaking to get these picked up. The Shark Ninja vacuum, however, features a special head setting that is made for vacuuming hardwood floors, making it a breeze to take care of larger pieces of debris lying around.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Model

Homeowners who have flooring that regularly transitions from sold floors to carpeting will welcome the Navigator Lift-Away Professional.

Not only does it feature good cleaning power, but the brush head is perfect for deep cleaning carpets while it is gentle when used on solid flooring. The structure of the vacuum is ideal for carrying it around between floors.

One can even pick up cobwebs and dust from your ceiling thanks to the multiple head attachments, wand handle, and shorter hose. The suction power is exceptional and the vacuum is easy to use on any surface.

What makes the Shark brand so unique is that the company positions itself as a price-sensitive competitor while ensuring the products it offers are of a high quality.

In a big way, they are on par with some of the more expensive vacuums on the market, although it is not the only thing that sets them apart from their competitors.

What really does it for them is the superior selection they offer in that you can literally find a model for every conceivable task. Whether it be for cleaning hardwood, carpets, getting rid of known allergens, or cleaning up after pets, Shark makes a difference everywhere.

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