How to Buy the Right Sheets for Every Season

Surely, we want the best experience for ourselves, as we do spend at least a third if not more of our time between sheets.

How to Buy the Right Sheets for Every Season

Who of you would argue that one of the greatest pleasures when arriving home at the end of a stressful day is to slide into a cozy bed that has been fitted with smooth bed sheets?

Surely, we want the best experience for ourselves, as we do spend at least a third if not more of our time between sheets.

Why on earth would you spend money on a top-quality mattress but only to find that you have to put up with inferior-quality bedding? Many will settle for the next best thing, as there are already so many options out there that it turns out to be a confusing and laborious process to choose.

In our opinion, most folks should invest in at least a set or two of sateens of cotton percale sheets to accommodate their needs year-round. Do not forget to get yourself some linen or flannel sheets to satisfy your need for something warmer or cooler.

Should We Pay Any Attention to Weave?

As far as choosing bed sheets are concerned, one should also give a lot of thought to the weave. What comes to mind in this regard is sateen and percale:

Sateen bed sheets seem to have way more threads that run vertically than horizontally with the sole purpose of creating fabric that sports a soft and silky feel. These are very delicate, which is why users must demonstrate care as it may come apart when you wash sateen. A thread count that range between 300 to 600 tends is ideal if it is strength and softness you are after.

Percale bed sheets have an equal number of tightly, combed woven threads that run vertically and horizontally. If you are after sheets that feature a cool and crisp feel, then this weave is ideal. It is the type of fabric that is strong and durable as it endures repeated wash cycles even in hot water. A thread count of 200 to 400 is perfect for lightweight sheets, whereas a count of 400 to 600 is suited to a heavier weight.

Let us go one step further.

What to Look for When Buying Your Bed Sheets for Every Season

Firstly, we need to assess the texture of the fabric and whether we would prefer something cooler or warmer when sliding in-between the sheeting.

Follow along with us.

Sateen is said to resemble satin fabrics without the need to cope with fragility or high costs. What comes to mind is one-yarn-under as well as three-yarn over weaves as these have more thread surface to furnish us with a luxurious and silky feel. An added feature is that sateen is wrinkle-resistant and more tightly woven.

A good quality set will cost anywhere between $50 to $150 when you opt for a queen site of which the thread count should be 300 to 600.

Percale, on the other hand, features a standard one-yard-over as well as one-yard-under weave, which works just fine for modern tastes. Percale sports a crisp and cool feel that features a matte finish. It is the type of fabric that is perfect for warmer sleepers as it is lightweight and breathable. Just like Sateen, you can expect to pay from $50 to $150 for a thread count of 200 to 300.

Linen is suited to bohemian styles where you’ll find the sheets are more durable and soft. However, these are not wrinkle free and ideal for use during spring and summer.

Not everyone will like linen — especially if you tend to favor silky and soft fabrics as opposed to the chunky feel of linen. Some folks love the rumpled and rustic style that is associated with linen fabrics.

It all boils down to personal choice as to which bed sheets will be a perfect fit for you. Besides, sateen tends to be more tightly woven than percale, and way more warm and cozy. Although it features a heavy feel that some sleeper may love while others won’t.

It is imperative that one take heed of the advice provided over here to ensure you get a hold of the right sheets for any particular season. This way, you will experience sure comforts that will allow you to have a good night's rest regardless of the season.

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