How to Save Money With a New Vacuum

How can a new vacuum save you money? We'll explain. Check out what to consider when buying as well as maintenance and parts along the way.

How to save money on your next vacuum purchase

An excellent vacuum cleaner is a good investment in your household as it keeps sanity in terms of cleanliness. But they can also be quite a blow to your budget. We've researched the best tips to use to buy a vacuum cleaner without breaking the bank. Save a little money by using these tips and making sure you conduct a thorough vacuum search.

Vacuum cleaners with metal components are regarded as the best options, and are better than their plastic counterparts. They're also among the priciest. With a vacuum cleaner with metal components, this will be a heavy unit and this can be a turn-off. For those looking for something else, plastic models can be a good alternative.

Make sure to try out both metal and plastic models before the purchase is made. This will give you a clear view of what to expect with each type of vacuum cleaner.

Most vacuum cleaners will have a wide array of features and options to choose from. Features to look out for include extended cords, colors, and nozzles. Look out for prices with each vacuum cleaner as they fluctuate depending on the model. Make sure you know what you want before purchasing a new vacuum cleaner. Below are some of the features that could affect the cost of buying and owning a vacuum cleaner:

Vacuums with replaceable bags

The bags used by these vacuums have to be changed many times throughout life of the vacuum cleaner, adding a cost to your initial purchase. But bagged vacuum cleaners also can be more effective in pulling up—and containing—dirt, something you should take into consideration when looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner with a bagless model. Some vacuums are known to put the dirt back into homes thanks to their ineffective dirt-catching capabilities. Ensure you research this feature on the models you're considering before purchasing a vacuum cleaner.

The problem with bagless vacuum cleaners is the probability of leaking dust, fungus, and allergen particles back into your home. This type of vacuum cleaner could be cheaper in the long run since users won’t have to buy bags. The downside is the health of the family should be a priority at all times. Buying a vacuum that requires bags will cost more as you will have to continue buying these bags.

What about upright vacuum cleaners?

These come with a wide cleaning path and dirt sensors, and some of these high-end vacuum cleaners are self-propelled. Check whether these vacuum cleaners have pre-motor filters to protect the motors from damage. This is ideally helpful when storing the vacuum cleaners and ensuring they fit in the space provided.

Watch out for discounts

Discounts are always at the table when considering vacuum cleaners. There's no need to wait for Black Friday, simply sign up on a manufacturer or retailer email list. News and upcoming discounts, promotions, and sales will help save cost of buying a vacuum. Ensure you always try it out before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Make sure to check control and features of vacuum cleaner you want to buy. When it comes to prices,when an online price is low, chances are local retail store has a low vacuum price too.

Buying refurbished vacuum cleaners

Users can also save a lot of money by purchasing refurbished vacuum cleaners. These types of vacuum cleaners can be found on Craigslist, eBay, and other online shops. Some manufacturers also offer a few refurbished vacuum cleaners at a fairly reasonable price.

Filtration systems are key to consider

Ensure you buy a quality vacuum which has a working filtration system. These vacuums will protect your lungs as well as overall health. HEPA Type vacuum cleaners capture over 90 percent of dust particles making them a favorite.

Know the features of different brand types

There are a lot of brand types: Eureka, Hoover, Royal, and Panasonic just to mention but a few. Some of these brands offer robotic vacuum cleaners. This is for people who don’t want to vacuum and this type will do the work for you. This is ideal for people who need a heavy duty commercial or industrial vacuum cleaner. Some brands are costlier than others; reading online reviews might help you find a less-prestigious (and less expensive!) brand that still performs well.

So what's the best way to save money with a new vacuum?

Ensure you go through rating and reviews before purchasing your next vacuum cleaner. This saves money in the long run. Make sure you choose a vacuum cleaner with the features you prefer. There’s no need to purchase a vacuum cleaner with extras you don’t need. With proper care, vacuum cleaners can last for years and serve you right.

If you know what you are doing, saving money with a new or used vacuum cleaner won’t be a problem. Ensure you follow the above rules before purchasing a vacuum cleaner. Save more and get good quality vacuum cleaners at the same time.