Top Ways To Save Time Caring For Your Lawn

Short on time? You can still have a nice lawn. These tips can help save time on yardwork

Get your lawn gorgeous in no time with these easy tips

Today nearly everyone has a packed schedule. There’s just so much to do and so little time. In such circumstances caring for our lawn can become an even neglected task. The plants need to be watered, the grass needs to be mowed, the weeds need to be pulled out and the flower beds need to be maintained - so many things we need to care of! Some of us cannot afford to hire professional services for maintaining our lawns so the responsibility fully falls on us. We need to think of methods to ensure that we can keep our lawns in top condition while saving our precious time. We’ve listed a couple of ways below in which you can keep your patch of green looking glorious all year round.

Let’s get started.

Planning your lawn can go a long way

A lawn should be carefully planned as per your schedule, budget, and location. You can limit the amount of grass used for it can be expensive and require a huge investment of time when we consider weeding, trimming and mowing the grass, fertilizing, and feeding. It doesn’t make sense to have a big lawn when you do not have the time nor the budget to maintain it, unless you have a riding mower that makes short work of mowing a large lawn. The alternative is opting for low maintenance alternatives. Instead of going for real grass you can opt for artificial grass. You can also incorporate beautifully colored gravel stones or patios to make your task easier. Try using hardscapes like garden walls, pathways and so on in your lawn.

Switch to native, low-maintenance plants, shrubs, and trees

Native plants can save you a lot of time. First, they require less water compared to non-native plants. Plants thrive when they’re in their natural climate. They can adapt to the temperature change and even fight diseases, pests and weed growth in a much more effective manner. The same goes for grass. You should try to sow seeds during springtime to have them blooming by summer.

This will initially require a little effort on your part to search for low maintenance plans that suit your preference. But in the long run, you will save a lot of time because such plans are mostly pest- and weed-resistant and require little care. They are also not in constant need of pruning. Try to avoid exotic plants for your lawn.

Keep your grass at the correct height

Taller grass helps to reduce water evaporation and thus, keep the grass hydrated for a longer period. It also shades the soil by providing good cover. You should adjust the mower height to ensure that the machine doesn’t cut more than one-third of the grass blade. Of course, the optimal height of the grass depends on its type so you have to know your grass well. Having said that, long grasses are not an option as well. This can block the growth and cause unwanted vegetation like weeds to grow.

Install a timer-activated sprinkler system in your lawn

Flowers, shrubs, plants, and trees all require water. If we do not water them on time, they can wither away. By installing a sprinkler system with a timer you will be able to rest easy knowing your yard is being watered at the correct time within successful intervals. You’ll never have to worry about manually watering them or turning on sprinklers. There is also no added fuss of shutting them off. If sprinklers aren’t your style, you can always opt for a drip system. They’re also super effective and efficient.

Maintain a compost bin and avoid chemical fertilizers

You may think that a chemical fertilizer will help you save time by helping the flowers and grass bloom faster. Well, that is the truth but then your lawn will require more water as well. This is because the chemicals reduce the moisture level in the grass, so to facilitate growth, they need more water. Instead, try to maintain a compost bin. Throw your organic kitchen waste and manure in the bin. They make for perfect fertilizers that will give you healthier and lasting plants. You can also use traditional homemade solutions like a beer and soda mixture.

These tips will help you save your time while ensuring your lawn looks lush and green all year long. Remember, a little effort at the start can help you in the long run. Try keeping a track of your lawn by solving potential problems like repairs or restoration.

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