Self Tanner Hacks to Make Your Tan Look Natural

Don't want your fake tan to look fake? We can help. Use our hacks for a natural look

Want your tan to look more natural? Follow our hacks for great results

A good tan not only makes us look radiant and glowing but healthy too. Whether you prefer the slightly sun-kissed look or a full-blown tan - self-tanning is the perfect way to get that gorgeous faux glow to look like you’ve just returned from Barcelona, all year round.

Having said that, using a self-tanner can be a little tricky. One mistake and you’ll end up resembling a Hot Cheeto.

But don’t you worry, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best self-tanner hacks that can make your tan look as natural as can be.

Exfoliate Your Body before Applying Self Tanner

Exfoliation helps to remove any dead cells as well as your old self-tanner from your skin. This will give you a smooth canvas to apply the self-tanner evenly and patch-free.

We’ll also recommend that you shave using a new blade before you self tan for an extra soft and smooth application.

Prep Your Skin Using an Oil-free Lotion

Ideally, this should be done instantly after you exfoliate. Slather your entire body with lotion paying special attention to your wrist, back of your heels, knees, fingertips, and your elbows. The reason why we’ve specifically mentioned these areas is that they tend to absorb more pigment than the rest.

Also, an oil-free lotion will not create any barrier between the self-tanner and your skin.

Invest in a High-quality Tanning Mitt and Correct Your Application Technique

Tanning mitts are hands down the perfect way to apply a self-tanner. Not only does it help in facilitating an even distribution, but it also protects our hands from absorbing too much pigment.

The next thing that you have to pay attention to is the correct technique to apply the self-tanner. A lot of us squeeze the self-tanner directly onto the tanning mitt and straightaway start blending the pigment into our skin. This is actually wrong.

Instead, place the product on the lower half of your tanning mitt and using your fingers, spread it along with the mitt. Apply the self-tanner using only the top half of the mitt. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how even your tan will look in the end.

Take A Generous Amount of the Self-tanner At All Times

We get it, you don’t want to look like a burnt orange but, using too little product is one of the main reasons why your tan will look fake.

When you use a small amount of product to cover a larger area, is quite obvious that you will rub it more. Over-rubbing coupled with a lack of product will give rise to streaks. It’s always better to use more product and then wipe off any excess.

Don't worry about your skin absorbing too much of the product. Our skin is naturally built to absorb only a select amount of self-tanner so you'll always be safe.

Avoid Sweating. We Repeat, Avoid Sweating

Always remember before you start using a self-tanner, ensure the place has a mirror and is cool and dry. Humidity and water will make you sweat, breaking down the self-tanner that will only lead to a disastrous tanning job.

We'll also advise you to apply self-tanners outside your bathroom if you've just taken a bath. You need to avoid perspiration to get that perfect tan, at all costs.

Don’t Step out of Your House Instantly and Wear Loose Clothes until Your Tan Dries

Wearing tight clothing like skinny jeans, sports bras, and strappy sandals and so on should be replaced with maxi dresses, jumpsuits, and flats.

Restrictive clothing might rub off your tanning location or make you sweat, which will ruin your tan. Also, loose clothes are so much more comfortable so there's that.

Select A Self-tanner Keeping in Mind Your Natural Skin Tone

This is the ultimate way to make your tan look natural. Always go for a shade that makes your tan look realistic.

Self-tanners are labeled according to the pigment intensity and not your skin tone. So, keep in mind the end result you want and choose accordingly. So if you're naturally pale, it'll be better to opt for a lighter shade of the self-tanner. Just make sure to select and apply a shade that will look natural and sun-kissed, rather than fake and orange!

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