Self-Tanner Tips for a Natural Look

How can you get a natural-looking tan with indoor tanning lotion? We've got your guide. Follow these steps to avoid streaks and get that glow!

Indoor Tanning Lotion: How to Get a Natural-Looking Tan

Summertime is on our minds, and if you are like the majority of the beach-goers this year, you want to have that flawless looking tan for those selfies. But, what if you have a career and you don’t have all that free time to focus on your tan? Well, indoor tanning lotion has been around for quite some time now and the products have managed to get better with every season. Gone are the days of the orange self-tanner that you couldn’t get to look right even if you tried, and here are the days of realistic-looking self-tanner that improves your skin tone and gives you an amazing looking glow. Naturally, there is no golden rule for a perfect tan, and there is a little bit of work that you are going to need to put into your tan.

Application is everything and you want to make sure that you are applying your self-tanner correctly, as well as ensuring that you get that perfect glow. Sunless-tanner has evolved so much in the past few years that today's products offer a realistic result without the need for you to go to a tanning bed or bake out in the sun for hours on end. You’ll want to heed the tips that we are going to discuss to make sure that you get an amazing glow this season, so read on below as we go over the self-tanner tips that are sure to give you a natural look.

why to Make Sure Your Skin Is Clean before using self-tanner

This should be common sense, but if it's not you’ll want to make sure that you exfoliate your skin before you apply self-tanner. Think of self-tanner as paint, and as with any type of paint you’ll want to make sure that the surface is clean first right? Well, the same concept should be in your mind when you start to apply self-tanner lotion. Exfoliating your skin will ensure that the self-tanner gets firm and even hold on your skin, and this will give you a nice bronze look which is generally what you should be aiming for. A good exfoliating brush is essential if you are going to be using self-tanner regularly, so you’ll probably want to invest in a nice one.

Shave Those Legs And Arms before applying self-tanner

One thing that you’ll notice about people who have perfect tans is the fact that their skin is flawless, and half of this is because they are hairless. Before you spend the time investing and applying your self-tanner you’ll want to make sure that you shave those legs and arms the night before. In addition to shaving, you’ll want to apply a moisturizer after because nothing looks worse than tanned shave bumps, and you want to have an even look. Using a hair removal cream can cause rashes and other imperfections if you leave it on the skin too long, so it's best to avoid these types of hair removal products if you are planning on applying self-tanner.

Consider Using A Night Cream

To get the best looking results out of a self-tanner you are going to need to have very smooth skin, so to do this one thing that you should do is use a night cream. Having smooth skin doesn’t come easy, and if you suffer from dry skin you’ll want to explore different methods for keeping it moisturized. You can’t do anything with dry skin, much less apply a self-tanner to it. Using a good night cream will help to ensure that your skin is continuously moisturized during the night, and coupling your night cream with a moisturizing self-tanner will help you to get an amazingly smooth look.

how to Create A Convincing Look with self-tanner

The worst thing in the world is when a tan goes too far, and what we mean by this is the over-saturation of color. You don’t want a tan that looks too dark, and you don’t want a tan that looks fake. A nice healthy glow is what you should seek in the summertime, and with the right self-tanner lotion, you should be able to achieve this fairly easily. Creating a convincing tan will garner you plenty of compliments, as well as the fact that a nice glow makes you look great in the sun. When you overdo your tan people will know that you are using a self-tanner, and that's something that you don’t want to convey.

why indoor tanning lotion Is A Great Way To Get A Summertime Glow

With the right application, self-tanner can be a great way to get that summertime glow that you’ve always wanted. Whether you want to look good for the beach or you just don’t want to show the outlines of your tank top, the right self-tanner lotion will get the job done right the first time. Utilizing self-tanner the right way will ensure that you have a great summer as well as any other season that you want to rock a naturalistic tan.

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