Setting Powder: How and Why to Use It

Intrigued by setting powder? We have the scoop. Here's how and why you should be using it

The skinny on why you need setting powder in your makeup routine

When it comes to your morning makeup routine there is probably nothing better than applying some foundation to your face. It gives it a nice finished look that blends nicely while at the same time creating an even effect. But, a lot of the time foundation can also be a tad too shiny and give your face a deceptively cosmetic look which is a turn off for those who are going to the more natural looks these days. Believe it or not, there is a way to calm down the effects of foundation without having to eliminate foundation from your vanity, and it's called setting powder.

You’ve probably seen setting powder on the shelves of your favorite cosmetics retailer, and maybe you never actually decided to use it. But, setting powder is quite a powerful addition that can be added to any makeup collection to add stellar results to your finished look. Setting powder is relatively inexpensive which makes it accessible for most, and you can get setting powder in translucent tints or various shades to match your skin tone and foundation. With the right shade and technique, setting powder can make a difference in your overall appearance, so read on below as we examine why and how you can use a setting powder to enhance your appearance.

Whats Setting Powder For?

Chances are that you stumbled across this article because you are curious as to what setting powder is for, and we are here to explain it. Think of setting powder as a clear coat on a car, it's not the actual paint and it's not the finished product. Setting powder is there to act as a sealant on your foundation and concealer, preventing any last-minute smudges or smearing. Additionally, if you are into fitness a good setting powder will prevent your foundation from dripping when your face is ripe with sweat.

Setting powder usually consists of a bonding agent, which is why it works so great when combined with a foundation. When it comes to choosing a setting powder there are many different options and you can even get a translucent setting powder if you are having trouble finding a matching shade to your foundation. Interestingly enough, setting powder can also be had in a spray formula, but we’ll go over that in another topic.

What's The Secret to Applying Setting Powder?

You don’t have to be a beauty school graduate or a college professor to apply setting powder the correct way, but some handy tips will make the process go a bit further and avoid unsightly mistakes. First and foremost, setting powder is just that, a powder. Which means that you’ll need to have your foundation in place first. If you don’t want to use your hands you can get a special powder rolling brush, which can be found at most major cosmetics retailers.

Layering is also a trick that you can do if your face has noticeable scars or imperfections because you can layer the foundation and the setting powder on, slowly letting each portion dry before continuing. What this does is cover the imperfections fully, whereas a single layer of foundation or setting powder might thin out after a few hours to reveal the imperfections in your skin. The result will be an awesome finish to your foundation, and the start of a beautifully enhanced face.

Is Setting Spray The Same Thing?

No, but their premise is the same. If you suffer from oily skin then a setting spray might be a better way to go. The problem with setting powder on oily skin is the fact that it will cake up, and like most powder when you put it in contact with moisture it will create a mess. If you don’t want your face to look cakey then you’ll want to invest in setting spray, but setting spray is a bit more complicated to apply and you’ll need to do it in layers to get the same type of finish. Another drawback to setting spray is the fact that you have to wait for it to dry, so if you are in a morning rush, setting spray might not be the ideal option for you.

You Should Use A Setting Powder

Cosmetics all have a specific usage, and when combined the result is generally favorable. If you are using a foundation and concealer in your morning makeup routine there's no reason why you should leave a setting powder out. Setting powder is a great way to keep your face from smearing in the summer heat, and this is especially true if you live in an area that's prone to high humidity and heat waves. If you have never used setting powder before you should consider giving it a try, you’ll be impressed with the results.

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