The Difference Between Setting Sprays and Facial Mists

What's the difference between a setting spray and a facial mist? We explain. Choose setting spray to make makeup last all day and look professional.

Setting Sprays vs. Facial Mists: Which Should You Use?

Keeping your makeup fresh and flawless is something that takes a bit of know-how and the right products.  You may be wondering how to accomplish the perfect look.  Facial mists and setting sprays are on the top of the list for finishing up your best look.  If you aren't a trained cosmetic artist or a makeup whiz yourself, the use for each of these and the differences between them is understandably confusing.

There are so many products that appear at first glance like they are the same thing, but they are labeled differently. It is ok to be unclear about these products, trust and believe you are not alone. Let's clear it up and make it simple.

How To Use Setting Sprays Vs. Facial Mists

Setting sprays and facial mists are two distinct products regarding their uses and benefits. There are some products on the market that claim to be an all-in-one and do both.  Without getting too confusing about these multi-taskers, let's look at each of these distinctive makeup products.

Facial mists are for the skin while setting sprays are for makeup.  Facial mists are formulated to help promote healthful skin by boosting moisture and providing hydration.  Setting sprays are formulated to act as a final treatment for makeup. Sealing it which ultimately helps to lock in the wearability and increase its longevity.

The Purpose of Setting Sprays

If you have very oily skin or if you are going to be in a hot and humid climate you know all-too-well how frustrating it is when your makeup starts to run down your face.  Even if you are someone who does your makeup in the morning and you aren't in extreme environments but your makeup just doesn't seem to last throughout the day, you understand the struggle.  If you can't seem to get your makeup to last and hold it's appearance throughout your day, then you should invest in a good setting spray.

Some products have terrific hydrating formulations which can nourish the skin but primarily are made up of ingredients whose primary function is preserving makeup once it is applied to the face.  So easy to use, just spritz all over the face after your makeup application and it will seal in your work.  This spray allows you to effortlessly hit a morning meeting and be ready for happy hour when your day is done.

The Purpose of Facial Mists

While setting sprays are only used one time per day, after you have applied your makeup, facial mists, by contrast, are used almost any time you need them.  These wonderfully refreshing sprays can be used after your makeup, before, during lunch, or anytime you need a boost, you can even apply a misting spray before you turn out the lights and doze off. The neat thing about facial mists is they will keep your skin looking plump, hydrated, and smooth without smearing and smudging your makeup the way a cream or gel would. Keeping a good facial mist on hand in your purse, briefcase, or workout bag makes refreshing your skin and helping to bolster it easy and accessible.

If you have particularly dry skin or if your skin looks tired, facial mists are a terrific way to seal in much needed additional moisture for your routine. You can still use your normal daily moisturizing cream or gel but with these functional mists.  You may want to get the ultimate moisturization by adding a spritz before your moisturizer, then before your primer, and one more time before your foundation.  The dewy look you will be able to achieve will be much more appealing than the tired or caked-on appearance you may suffer without this easy to do an extra couple of steps that only take seconds.

Why to use Facial Mists With Setting Sprays

The potent combination of these two spritzes can do wonders for your makeup routine.  Not only can they help you preserve your look, but they can also keep it fresh and invigorated. They can help your makeup look flawless and your skin look healthy.  You spend a good amount of money on your makeup and you put serious time into applying it just the way you like it. You can get greater longevity out of your products and less stress by adding in these two extremely versatile mists which are easily enough administered.

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