Shark Vs. Other Vacuum Brands

What makes Shark vacuums so special, and how does the brand stack up to other brands? We take a look. Learn what separates Shark from the pack.

Comparing Shark Vacuums to Other Brands

During the past decade, something big has shown up in the pond of housewares goods, first lurking behind the others, and then quickly surging forward to take a large bite out of the competition. Shark vacuums are produced by SharkNinja, a division of 100-year-old company Euro-Pro. In recent years, Shark vacuum sales have surpassed sales of longtime familiar vacuum brand leaders such as Dyson and Hoover. Shark sales now make up 20 percent of the U.S. vacuum market, according to Forbes Magazine. This means Shark is now more than significant competition for the popular Dyson Ball Animal and Hoover WindTunnel T-Series.

How do these top brands compete in today’s market? Shark jumped into the pool by appealing to today’s busy moms by offering more options, simpler designs that are lightweight and maneuverable, and attachments that make cleaning both easier and more thorough, and perhaps attract male customers who approve of gadgets. Shark even offers a car-care accessory package. But when it comes to cleaning, exactly how does Shark compare with these other brands?

What Are Shark’s special features?

One of the biggest advantages offered by Shark is lightweight maneuverability. Shark weighs less than other brands in comparable models. Shark is also made to transition smoothly from carpet to hardwood or tile floors at the touch of a button. The fingertip touch controls on the handle function to change the bristle brush with a soft roller that cleans and polishes hard-surface floors so you can clean all of the floors in your home with a single device. Also adding to this feature is the advantage of a 25-foot cord; four feet longer than those of competitors. The extra length allows users to move through large spaces and multiple floor surfaces without having to unplug and replug.Shark also boasts an LED lighting system to make it easy to see under furniture and into dark corners. This is a big advantage for parents wishing to avoid vacuuming up small toys.Shark is also among the top choices for those who suffer with allergies and asthma. Shark offers high-quality HEPA allergen filters that report to remove even the tiniest dust particles and dander from the air. Shark also offers a noise reduction technology that reduces noise output and offers a softened pitch that is gentler on the ears.

How does Shark compare to other models?

The Hoover brand also offers a model that moves from carpeting to hard flooring with a simple button, but the mechanism used is via electronic sensors vs the mechanical method used by Shark, perhaps adding to the greater expense of the Hoover models.

Though Shark is a great option if dust removal is an important quality for a user to consider, some consumers suggest that the Dyson model is superior to Shark models because in addition to HEPA filters, Dyson offers Radial Root Cyclonic Technology which proclaims to remove dust and allergens before they even enter the dust canister, thus allowing for a filter-free clean, meaning there is no need to clean or change filters. However, Shark models counter with what the Shark company calls Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology, which seals in allergens to prevent re-release into the air.

While tests show fairly equal levels of suction between Hoover, Dyson, and Shark in similar models, Shark is less expensive and lighter than either Dyson or Hoover. Shark has been reported to be easier to maneuver than either Dyson or Hoover. Shark and Dyson work on bagless systems, while Hoover offers a choice between bagless canisters or traditional bag systems.Both Shark and Dyson offer a five-year limited warranty for upright vacuum models while Hoover offers only a two-year plan for a similar model.

In effect, though Shark, Dyson, and Hoover offer many similar models, features, and accessories, Shark comes out most favorable with consumers and continues to earn positive customer reviews due to its lighter weight, easy maneuverability, and less expensive price tag.

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