Sheet Masks vs Mud Masks: Which Is Better?

Skin need pampering? We can help. Learn whether a sheet mask or mud mask would be more beneficial

How to decide between sheet masks or mud masks

If you love a good pampering, then you probably know about the revolutionary beauty of face masks. You may like them and want to buy a new one, but first need to decide which type is better for you. Or even if you have a list of your favorite face masks, you still may be curious to know if a sheet mask or a mud mask is better for your skin. Before you read on to know which type to use for your next Sunday pampering session, you should start off by determining the difference between the two.

The Difference Between Sheet Masks and Mud Masks

Sheet masks, besides looking somewhat terrifying, have become a popular trend in skincare that’s hard to resist. Essentially, sheet masks are thin pieces of cotton sheets soaked in an active ingredient-skincare treatment. Since they just sit straight on your face for the process of absorbing into your skin, they are not meant to exfoliate or deeply cleanse, but to swiftly deliver hydration. They are also typically packed with vitamins, amino acids, and other ingredients that will give your skin a great radiance.

Mud masks, on the other hand, though having been around for some time, are still a wonderful staple in skincare treatment. The mud they're made with is usually thick enough for most to come packaged in a jar or squeeze tubes. They are packed with helpful nutrients that can be specially made to deeply cleanse, exfoliate or detoxify the skin for a fresh feeling.

The Perks of Sheet Masks

Again, sheet masks are great for delivering the right amount of hydration to your skin. So if you have dry skin, these will become your best friend, although they work just as great on other skin types if you want your skin to feel soft and supple to the touch.

They can be a little less messy than mud masks, as you don't have to wash off any of it. You can just massage it into your skin to make sure that it sinks in properly, apply your regular moisturizer, and then you're good to go!

Since sheet masks are so well-packaged, you can take them anywhere. Packs usually come as singles, with only one sheet per use, though you can find some of your favorites in sets that come with multiple packs.

The Perks of Mud Masks

Since mud masks can do more than sheet masks, like deep-cleaning and exfoliating, they can be used more often than your regular hydrating sheet mask. While certain skincare products can strip your skin of its natural oils and other useful elements, mud masks are filled with the right nutrients to replenish those necessary elements your skin needs. And with the help of certain exfoliating ingredients like salt, for instance, you can scrub off any dead skin cells that might be lingering to give yourself a thorough clean that will feel pore-tightening and truly refreshing.

Things You Should Know

Sheet masks do tend to be on the more expensive side, as they will run you an average of four dollars for a single use due to their individual packaging. So if you were planning on using them every day, you’d have to be prepared to buy in bulk, or find some worthwhile coupons!

Due to their packaging, mud masks can be pretty messy, as you'll usually have to scoop it out of the jar to apply it on your face, and later wash all of that off in the sink or shower. One regular-sized mud mask tub can typically last longer than a few sheet masks, so it is more likely to give you a better bang for your buck, although certain masks can also be on the more expensive side depending on which brand you choose and what special ingredients the mask offers.

The Takeaway: Sheet Masks or Mud Masks?

So now that you know all there is to know about sheet masks and mud masks, the decision between the two lies in which type you think will be most beneficial for you at the time. Choosing between a sheet mask or a mud mask really just depends on what you think your skin needs, whether it's more hydration, a good exfoliating session, or just some extra attention with a really deep clean. If you usually want the works, then sticking with a good mud mask will be your best bet. If you have an already well-stacked skincare routine and just want a little extra pampering, then a sheet mask should do the trick.

But after all, it is never a bad thing to have both in your possession to get yourself to the most healthy and well-cared for skin you can dream of.

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