How to Shop For the Right Recliner

What should you look for when recliner shopping? We'll simplify your search. Choose the best design, size, materials, and features for your lifestyle.

Best Recliner: How to Buy The Most Comfortable Chair

There’s nothing more enjoyable than kicking back in a comfortable chair after a hard day’s work. Finding a recliner which fits your body and budget can be a real hassle. A good quality recliner should give you over eight years of regular use. How do you pick one and ensure the recliner you choose doesn’t break down prematurely under pressure? Here’s a guide to show you how best to choose the right recliner.

Choosing the right recliner

Choosing the best recliner requires more than just aesthetics. Make a habit of considering the fit, shape, and size of the recliner. Best fit will provide users with the most comfort. Another must-have consideration is longevity.

Choose the right size

How much physical space have you allotted for a new recliner? Make sure to consider the space available in your living room, your recliner must fit your shape as well. A good way to experience the size is to sit on one. Check out whether the recliner suits you when sitting on it. A good recliner should have different features such as adjusting the recliner to take the pressure off your knees. If a chair fits well with you, the more comfortable you will be in it.

Seek comfort as well as longevity

Quality recliners may cost more; the right recliner will provide you with years of comfort and quality support. Choosing a recliner with the right finish and fit will add more years to your comfort.

What’s your style preference?

Most people tend to go for a bulky recliner to complement the existing decor. Modern recliners come in a wide array of designs and materials. Whether you are looking for a simple comfortably sink-in, you can easily find one which matches your interiors.

What are the must-have features for your recliner?

With modern recliners, there’s a wide array of features to choose from. For those looking for a recliner to give complete body support, look for one with an articulating headrest. This recliner will help cradle your head and neck in a reclining position. A full lumbar support recliner is an added advantage which offers the sitting position an unmatched comfort.

Is a classic model available?

A classic model is best preferred for those who have trouble picking a recliner. Make sure to pick a classic recliner based on how long you wish to keep it. Another consideration with a classic recliner is the shape and size. As always, the best-fit guarantees maximum comfort.

What types of recliners can you buy?

What are Rocker Recliners?

A rocker recliner rocks and reclines and is handy for people who have insomnia. The rocky motion is known to induce nodding off. Most people use this type of recliner to sleep instead of a bed. It’s also a great fit for nursing mothers as the rocking motion helps to relax the baby.

What are Lift Chairs?

This is a recliner with a motorized mechanism which helps push the chair up from its base. A lift chair is recommended for people who have limited capacity to use their legs. It’s also a good fit for anyone with weak knees.

What are Massage Recliners?

This type of recliner massages your back and the back of your legs. Some recliners come with heat function to aid with massages.

How about Wall Hugger recliners?

Wall-hugger recliners are ideal since they take less space and are perfect for a small room. With this type of recliner, there’s less movement involved. People with bad knees find them to be comfortable as recliners can be adjusted to sit higher.

Classic and contemporary recliners

These recliners come with a wide array of choices such as fabric and colors. They are loved for their natural aesthetics and comfort.

How to shop for the right recliner:

Sit on it to see how comfortable it is

Recliners are just like shoes, looks can be deceiving but the key is comfort. When you are shopping, sit for the recliner you want for five minutes or more. Do your feet touch the floor when the back is upright? How is the cushioning? Make sure to test the recliner’s footrest several times before making a purchase. Listen for any squeaks which may occur due to improper alignment.

Focus on the recliner's frame

Which type of wood is used to make the recliner? Is it hardwood or plywood? Make sure to check the manufacturer’s guarantee and go for one which gives a span of three years.

With these helpful tips, your next recliner will be comfortable and long-lasting.

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