Should You Use an Eyelash Curler?

Do you need an eyelash curler? Here's what to know. Decide whether you should use an eyelash curler and what type to get.

Eyelash Curlers: Do You Need to Use One?

An eyelash curler is an oft-forgotten beauty tool. After all, unlike, say eyeshadow, highlighter, or lip gloss, they can’t really come in fancy packaging or utilize fun pigments or glitters. Instead, their utilitarian existence more closely aligns with something you’d expect to find in your husband’s toolbox – something useful and functional, but definitely not something beautiful.

Those who’ve actually tried an eyelash curler, however, will argue that they’re worth their weight in gold. Yes, they may resemble a Medieval torture device but, paired with a good concealer and mascara, they can really open up your eyes and give your face a bright, well-rested appearance.

But before you rush right out and splurge on a new Shu Uemura, let’s run through all the basics so you can determine whether an eyelash curler is the right tool for you.

How to Use an Eyelash Curler

Before you can decide if a high-quality eyelash curler is worth your investment, you may want to pick a cheap one up at the dollar store to see if you’re actually able to use it. After all, lash curlers are already intimidating enough, but the thought of placing it over a super-sensitive area like your eye can scare off even the best of us!

And, if you find that you just can’t bring yourself to use it, it’s better to lose a dollar from a cheap eyelash curler then $20 from a high-end one, since most beauty tools can’t be returned for hygiene reasons.

However, the actual process to curl your eyelashes is surprisingly easy. Simply place the rounded part of the tool flush against your eye with the clamp positioned against the lash line. With your fingers through the holes, gently lift the lever and, if you’re holding it correctly, the curler should clamp down on your lashes. Hold the curler in place for a few seconds, before you move on to the other eye.

Just take care to only clamp down on your lashes, not your eyelid, and you’ll never feel the dreaded pinch many of us live in fear of.

How to use a Blow-Dryer on your Eyelashes to curl

Once you’ve mastered the routine, you can move on to Advanced Curling 101. Many makeup artists swear by the trick of blasting the eyelashes with a blow-dryer in order to keep the curl in place throughout the day. Just ensure you hold the blow dryer a far enough distance away, because, if held too closely, it’ll heat up the metal curler, which will burn your eyes like a mother, and, in the process, probably discourage you from ever using a makeup tool again!

If you’re not brave enough to attempt the blow dryer blasting technique, you can purchase a heated eyelash curler, which warms up to a level that will lock in the curl without burning your eyes.

However, if the thought of any type of heat near your eyes still scares you, just go with a cold curl, because, when paired with a good mascara, your lashes will still retain most of their curvature throughout the day.

Should You Buy a High-End Eyelash Curler?

Ask any makeup artist if you should buy an expensive eyelash curler, and you’ll hear a resounding “Yes!” While it’s fine to start with a cheap curler when you’re experimenting, if you decide that you’d like to continue curling your eyelashes long-term, you’ll want to shell out for a higher-end model.

High-end brands such as Shiseido, Shu Uemera, and Surratt Beauty typically cost in the $20-30 range. However, once you get over the initial sticker shock you’ll realize that these tools are worth their cost.

High-end eyelash curlers typically have the option to purchase silicone pad refills, which you’ll find you need as they seem to always pop off. High-end eyelash curlers are also often more ergonomically shaped to better fit flush against your eye, so you’re less likely to pinch yourself. And, high-quality eyelash curlers are made from thicker metal which is more durable then the thin material you’ll find in dollar store curlers, so they’ll end up lasting much longer.

Are Eyelash Curlers Worth It?

Take a cheap eyelash curler for a test drive, and if you can make a go of it, definitely spring for a high-end one. Yes, they’re expensive initially, but just remember, unlike consumables such as foundation, nail polish, and lip gloss, eyelash curlers won’t get used up and require repurchasing. And while they may not be as exciting as, say, a glittery mascara, eyelash curlers can help make those fun, frivolous beauty products look professionally applied. Overall, eyelash curlers are a beauty investment worth considering and definitely worth the space they consume in your makeup bag.

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