Should You Shovel Snow or Use a Snowblower?

Do you need a snow blower? It sure beats shoveling snow. Choose a snow blower for an easier way to clean up ice and snow winter after winter.

Snow Blowers vs. Shoveling Snow: What's Best?

In all honesty, unless your driveway is insanely long, or a physical ailment keeps you from shoveling, shoveling versus snow blowing can be a personal preference. The idea of the snowblower is excellent, but is it the best option for you?

What is your snow-climate like? What kind of winter do you have? If you live in the snow belt, but get heavy, wet snow most days a snowblower might not be able to push through the density. If the snow is lighter and fluffy, the snow blower can plow through your driveway (and other suitable places), quickly and easily. Knowing what the options are when choosing to shovel versus snow blowing can always help you pick the best option for your needs.

Why Shoveling Snow Works Best for Easy Jobs

  • Easy to get — basically, with a shovel, it’s just a grab-n-go motion.
  • It’s easier to shovel around cars than having to move them for a snowblower.
  • More than one person can help, what better way to play in the snow as a family? First, you work together; then you can play together.
  • Unless you have left your snow to sit for days, shoveling takes a little longer than snow blowing.
  • It’s easy to know where the snow is going because you are the power behind it, and you can push it wherever is best for you.
  • You can shovel in many directions; you don’t have to adhere to a straight line long-ways or sideways.
  • Shovels can fit into tight spaces (or have different size shovels for tighter spaces)
  • You will always need a shovel. Even if you use a snowblower you still have to shovel spots of your porch or driveway
  • Shovels are more cost-effective (no need to get gas or use extra electric). Shovels are powered by sheer human-strength.

Why You Might Need a snow blower to do your winter work for you

  • There are many kinds of models and manufacturers to choose from. Picking the right snowblower for yourself will make all the difference. Doing some research on what features will work best for you.
  • Snowblowers come in gas or electric, using gas or power will be an extra cost that shoveling doesn’t have, but if you choose a snow blower remember that one or the other will be needed to run your unit.
  • They are great to use for long distances. If your driveway runs long, chances are shoveling the snow will take more time than its worth, especially if you want to get a snowblower. Walking behind the blower with ease, and finishing in less time will make owning a blower worth it.
  • They help a person with a physical ailment still have a sense of independence. Having a bad back, bad knees, or another ailment that causes shoveling to be physical pain, can stop you from doing chores or activities. Not having something to do can stifle the independent feeling. Using a snow blower is an excellent way to help keep that independence.
  • If your snowblower isn’t buried in a shed or garage, it will help you save more time than shoveling.
  • It is less physically demanding you want to leave the exercise in the exercise room, and then snow blowing is the way to go.
  • When you blow snow, you usually have only to do one pass.
  • Snowblowers are built to last while snow blowers will have maintenance, chances are the snowblower will outlast any plastic shovel.

Whatever your preference is when it comes to snow blowing, make sure to be safe when doing it. Stay inside when the temperatures get too cold, remember to wear protective gear (hats, gloves, scarves, and goggles) when clearing the snow away.

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