7 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Shower Head

How do you know you really need a new shower head? We'll help. Learn how to tell it's time to upgrade your shower head.

New Shower Head: 7 Signs You Need One Now

Most of the time, your shower head isn’t a cause for concern. It’s only when something goes wrong that you even think about your shower head. Maybe you are starting to feel that your water pressure is off, or maybe you are redoing your bathroom. Whatever the case, here are a few signs that it’s time to change your shower head.

1. Fluctuating Water Pressure Means a new shower head can help

There are few things more annoying than fluctuating water pressure — especially if you are using your shower time as a way to destress. Keep in mind that an old showerhead isn’t always the cause — consider making sure there isn’t grime buildup and checking your water tank first. However, if you’ve managed to clean your showerhead and everything else is working fine, it may be time to change it up.

It is also important to note that some counties have more ‘hard water’, that is, water that contains minerals like calcium and magnesium than others. If your water has a higher mineral count, deposits may be your culprit and, if you have ignored the problem, or simply can’t get your showerhead clean, it may be time for a replacement.

2. An Uneven Spray Can be fixed by getting a new shower head

Uneven shower spray can be messy since water will often spray in odd directions causing an inconvenience. As with fluctuating pressure, grime and buildup may be the culprit- especially if you live in an area with a high concentration of hard water. If your shower spray is uneven, try soaking your showerhead in a mix of vinegar and water for about an hour and then running it on hot for a few minutes. If the spay improves, you may be able to keep your current showerhead for a few more months with regular cleaning. However, if there is no improvement, it’s time to start looking for other options.

3. Leaks need to be addressed with a new shower head

Depending on your showerhead type, the leak may be present in the shower arm, the showerhead itself, or the shower hose. Before heading to the store for a replacement, it is important to identify the leak’s cause first. For instance, if the arm attachment is leaking where it attaches to the showerhead, you may simply need to tighten it. However, if the arm attachment is leaking from the wall, it’s time to call a plumber and a new showerhead won’t make a difference. If your showerhead itself is leaking or dripping, you do want to go ahead and upgrade.

4. Black Mold is dangerous, so a new shower head is best

Black mold is highly toxic and will thrive in humid environments. The mold will look like little black dots around your showerhead and is notoriously difficult to clean. While you may consider getting a professional cleaner, it’s actually cheaper, and safer, to get a new showerhead.

5. Old shower heads should be upgraded to new models

Sometimes, your showerhead is just old. If you’re moving into an older building or a family home, you probably want something a little bit more modern. Older showerheads are more likely to clog, mold and leak. Moreover, you are missing out on all of the cool, modern options.

6. Bathroom upgrades are the right time for new showerheads

If you are upgrading your bathroom, do not forget to include your showerhead. Whether you are changing the tub or upgrading the entire thing, a new showerhead will help you complete the look. More importantly, the feel of the new room will be complete a knowing that you have a whole new shower.

There are plenty of great showerhead options on the market including rainfall and handheld options. Simply consider your needs and budget and you’ll be sure to find a showerhead to fit your upgraded bathroom.

7. New Arrivals: Get a new shower head to better suit your family's needs

Some showerheads aren’t ideal for smaller children or pets. If you have a new member of your family on the way, or, even, already in your home, you may want to consider upgrading your showerhead to fit their needs as well. Keep in mind that there are plenty of showerheads that have combinations, so you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice your favorite features to accommodate the new arrivals. For instance, you can get a rain shower with an attachable hose.

Whether you need to clean or replace your showerhead, the effort will be worth a nice, relaxing shower. A word of advice if you are planning to change — there are plenty of options when it comes to shopping for a new showerhead, so find something that you like and that will last you for several years.

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