How To Sleep Better: Fixing Common Pillow Positioning Mistakes

If you sleep on your stomach, back, or side there is an ideal pillow position for a better night's rest and less pain.

How To Sleep Better: Fixing Common Pillow Positioning Mistakes

Having the right pillow will provide comfortable support, giving your head, neck, and spine a favorable position. And the position you assume yourself has a direct effect on your health. Sleeping positions are known to affect respiration as well as spinal alignment. Below are some of the proven ways of fixing common pillow mistakes. Setting your pillow up properly will help you from suffering from neck pains.

First Step: Do you prefer sleeping with two big plumped pillows?

Many people find they can’t get used to sleeping without a pillow. Whether you sleep on your side, stomach or back, find a pillow with the right thickness. This helps to fill the gap between the bed and your neck. Good pillows for those who prefer sleeping on a side are not too thin or too soft. Choosing a pillow which is too plump, users are forced to be in the opposite direction.

A pregnancy pillow works perfectly when keeping everything in line. This ensures your head is in the right height ensuring a better sleeping condition. The proper way of using a pregnancy pillow is placing it along the side of your legs. Next step is to lay your head on the top piece and cuddle the pillow.

Best Pillow for Back Sleepers

People who prefer to sleep on their back should choose pillows which are firm around the edges. To avoid pain, your neck to be supported at all times. Buying molded neck support pillows can help ease the pain. A wood pillow is with the right thickness can be a perfect pillow for people who love sleeping on their backs. This pillow cradles your head and provides support your neck and spine.

Best Pillow for stomach sleepers

Those people who sleep on their stomach are most likely to face back and neck pains. Why do so many people love sleeping on their stomachs? Most people claim seeping on the stomach is comfortable. This also puts pressure on your lower back and is impossible to keep the spine aligned. The best pillow is one which has a low profile which is slim and not too soft. When looking for the best pillows, consider the position you favor the most.

Let's look at ways you  can position your pillow:

Pillow with a towel rolled up at the base

This can be achieved by taking a large beach towel, rolling up and placing it in the base of your pillow. The roll provides a great resting place for your neck as well as aligning your spine. This pillow positioning will only work for those people who prefer lying on their backs or side. This is a great remedy for people with neck pains.

Positioning pillows the Long Way

It's been known for placing pillows the long way helps keep the body in a less painful position. This is a good pillow position for those with respiratory problems. Place the pillows down under shoulder blades and the neck.

Pillow placed between the Knees

For those who prefer sleeping on their sides, placing your pillow between your knees is highly recommended. Having a pillow between the knees helps prevent downward pull on the hip. Having a pillow placed between the knees will prevent users from rolling over.

Placing pillows under the knees

For those with back pains, it’s clear for users to lie on their stomach with their leg bent up to the side. Placing pillows under the knees helps offload the spine of great pressure. This is a great way for those people who face surgeries to sleep comfortably.

Pillow under the arm/shoulder

Immediately after shoulder surgery, lying in bed is always difficult. Placing a pillow under the arm or shoulder may help ease the pain.

Being creative with pillow positioning helps prevent and reducing body pains. When you face pain in bed, ask your therapist which pillow position will help alleviate the pain.

How to find the right pillow

If you are the type who squeezes products wrapped in plastic at the local store this is not helpful. It’s preferred to test drive pillows in your bed. Make sure to check the manufacturer’s return policy and try it for a week.

Humans spend a third of their life resting on a pillow, make it count and use best pillow positions.

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