Why You Need a Sleep Mask for Your Next Flight

Trying to sleep while on a flight can be tricky at the best of times. Learn about the importance of sleep masks for long flights.

Sleep Masks: Why They're Needed for Flying

If you are hoping to get some decent sleep during a long flight, then you’ll be happy to know there is a surefire remedy in the form of sleep masks.

Who knows, you may even be inclined to take a nap while you are on the airport in-between flights. Trust me; you will need a top quality eye mask that is suited for traveling to help you out.

Many a business person finds themselves in an upright position when trying to catch up on some much-needed sleep. Women, especially, may feel a strong need to get their beauty rest — with a mask that doesn't mess up their makeup.

To experience instant darkness and the opportunity to experience a stellar sleeping experience while flying, be sure to pack one or two sleeping masks.

Silk Sleep Masks

Be a smart traveler and settle for silk to safeguard the delicate skin around your eyes. Most silk masks sport a 100% silk exterior that results in a soothing feeling. The black inner lining ensures any light is blocked successfully. The ultra-thin straps will not annoy you when laying down in your passenger seat.

Sleep Mask Featuring Earplugs

The Magic Midnight brand is very soft and comes equipped with rounder inner eyeliners. The nose bridge can be adjusted according to your liking. The straps are user-friendly and elastic-free. The mask features a side pocket for storage purposes, and you can look forward to memory foam earplugs.

Molded Eye Mask Suited for In-Flight Purposes

Ladies will absolutely love this sleeping mask as it leaves sufficient room for blinking without ruining your makeup. Not only is the padding incredibly lightweight, but the raised shape ensure it does not come into touch with your eyes. This way, you will experience a smudge-free and pressure-free eye movement.

Drift to Sleep Eye Mask

Anyone who embarks on a long flight wants to rest undisturbed, block out light effectively, and minimize noise while doing so. This eye mask is ideal as it helps one to sleep the way nature intended. You can combine this sleep mask with soft ear plugs for the best sleeping experience ever.

Luxury Travel Sleep Mask

You may have heard of the Dream Essentials luxury sleep mask. This one has eye cavities to ensure there is no chance of your eyes touching the eye mask while it blocks out all light completely. You will even get a free set of earplugs and a pouch.

Why Is a Sleep Mask Necessary When Flying?

One of the most effective solutions to prevent puffiness, dark circles, or redness when traveling is to wear eye masks.

The notion behind this is that your brain needs to find darkness for the melatonin to kick in properly. A sleep mask will help you achieve this.

Do not rule out the use of earplugs. It is no use blocking out light when noise can also stand in your way of sleeping like a baby while traveling.

Another useful tip to induce sleep is utilizing the effects of hot and cold conditions to help relieve headaches and puffy eyes.

What You Should Consider Before Choosing a Sleep Mask for Your Next Flight

Consider the following tips before buying your eye mask for traveling purposes:

  • Pay attention to the size and shape of an eye mask as some of you would prefer sleeping on your side and will move a lot while snoozing. It is best to get yourself a snugly fitting eye mask that will not come off during your flight.
  • Be sure to opt for the right materials as you will come across three main types, namely; Silk, Satin, and Cotton. The fabrics you choose should not irritate your skin in any way.
  • Style is just as crucial as any traveling man or woman wants to look their best while sleeping. It is often best to go for darker color eye masks as they not only look classy but reflects the light very well. Another factor that ladies are thoroughly impressed by is that they are spoilt for choice concerning a variety of colors and styles. Although, please bear in mind that not all colors will block out light and may have some defects in them. Avoid choosing these.

Price is a strong deciding factor for those who are conscious of their budget. We all know that one get what you pay for. Masks made from polyester are inexpensive, but you need to think about its suitability to block out light effectively.

Most sleep masks for traveling range in price from $30 to $45.

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