Smart Hacks to Get the Most Use Out of Your Lip Stain

Want to maximize your lip stain? We've got hacks. Use these ideas to get the most out of your lip stain

Use these tips to get the most from your lip stain

Never heard of a lip stain? Neither have I, until a month ago when I received a parcel of lip stain from my sister. According to her, it has many uses and is very versatile, she claims it is one of her favorite cosmetics of recent. Guess what? Now it's the most-reached product in my makeup drawer.

Lip stain is a cosmetic product used to color the lips and can be found in the form of a liquid or gel. It is called a stain rather than a lipstick as it tends to leave a stain of color on the lips for an extended time. Once applied, it does not easily transfer to your coffee mug or paper straw when you have your favorite smoothie in the morning.

Lip stain's unique waterproof characteristic explains why it is a highly sought-after cosmetic product. It is one of the longest-lasting types of lip products in the market. If you’re lazy like me, you can apply your favorite shade of lip stain before heading out the door. You don’t even have to bother reapplying throughout the day, and you could simply even leave it at home. Pocketless pants? Not a problem! Lip stains usually last the entire day for me, unless I’m eating some really sinful greasy food (Not that often, I promise!).

The magic doesn't stop there with the lip stains being applied to your lips, and you can make good use of the lip stains as a blush, eyeshadow, or even contour. Let's dive into some smart hacks you can do to get the most use out of your lip stain.


Well, as the name suggests, you can and should use it on your lips. The lip stain usually comes in a variety of bright colors; red, pink, and cherry. They are easy to apply using the brush or just dabbing it with your fingers.


Blush: The stain can be used on your cheeks in place of a blush. It gives a beautiful subtle tone to your skin, blending it perfectly to complement. You can first apply it on your cheeks and then use a makeup sponge to even it out. Furthermore, if a stronger intensity is preferred, you can layer up the stain to have a more visible presence.

Contour: For contouring, lip stain is the best way to go! By applying it to your face, it creates a bold crease for you, and you can even it out with your finger or a brush to keep it subtle. Having the same concept of blusher in mind, contouring using the lip stain gives natural color to your face.


Eyeshadow: The eyes are the window to the soul, some people say. To decorate your window (eyes, I mean), as you would with eyeshadow, use the stain. Apply gently across your eyelids and streak using your finger or the makeup sponge to have it displaced accordingly.

One Lip Stain to Face Them All

Ta-da! Lip stains can help minimize the number of cosmetics you use daily while preserving our look. Isn't it incredible that lip stain can have so many functions for our makeup? In a nutshell, for all the discussed hacks of lip stain, you can apply it with your fingers, brush, or your makeup sponge.

A quick note: Although lipsticks are known to be more hydrating and give your lips a soft feel, some lip stains contain alcohol in its ingredients, which makes your lips dry. If you are not careful, overusing lip stains will cause your lips to look chapped and wrinkled. Be sure to use lip gloss when you are not using the lip stains to compensate for the dryness. So if you get the non-alcohol lip stain, you don't have to worry about your lips getting dry, and it has a nice color to it!

Removing Lip Stain

Due to the nature of lip stains, it can be challenging to remove it at times. However, don't you fret, you can take your lip stain off with ease as how you did putting it on. If it gets really stubborn, apply a small amount of vaseline or lip balm, leave it for two minutes, and gently use a tissue to rub and wipe the stain off. The right makeup removal solution would do the trick too.

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