How To Properly Store Your Powder Foundation To Keep It Fresh

Fan of powder foundation? We have a tip. Store it the right way so it lasts longer

Store your powder foundation the right way and it'll last you longer

Bathroom storage, we all dread trying to find room for all of our daily essentials. And your cosmetics are no different, time and time again we find our foundation powders, lipsticks, and other cosmetics dumped out, dried out, or just plain ruined under the sink. Makeup storage is an important thing that most of us fail to properly do, and as such you end up spending more money to replace the cosmetics that you could have kept fresh by properly storing them. Your cosmetic collection is something that takes quite some time to build, and if you have an extensive collection of different makeup you probably want to keep them fresh.

Powdered foundations are some of the worst cosmetics to improperly store because once powdered foundation becomes stale you’ll notice it when you apply it to your face. Coincidentally, you can avoid the tribulations of the stale powdered foundation by finding a proper way to store it. The powdered foundation is similar to most cosmetics that are powder-based, and it needs an airtight and dry environment to stay fresh. Just keeping your powder foundation in its container is not enough to keep it fresh, and if you live in an area with high humidity you are going to notice a difference in your foundation right away. No one likes to have to go out and spend money on cosmetics that they already have, so read on below as we illustrate the best ways to store your powdered foundation and keep it fresh for months.

Tupperware Or Plastic Containers

Perhaps one of the best ways to store your powdered foundation is in a plastic container because the airtight seal will ensure freshness. Containers that are designed especially for cosmetics can be quite pricey, so if you are on a budget something as simple as a locking Tupperware bowl will suffice. Ideally, you want to separate the foundation by types and by shades to keep organization, and you are going to notice a big difference in the freshness of your foundation. If you don’t feel like raiding your kitchen for plastic containers there are other options as well. The one-dollar totes that you can find in any big-box retailers are also just as good for storing and organizing your foundation, not to mention the fact that you can also store other types of cosmetics in these totes as well.

Keep Your Foundation In A Dark Area

Surprising enough one of the worst things for your cosmetics and powdered foundation, in general, can be exposure to sunlight. You might be thinking that it's hard to expose powdered foundation to the sunlight, but you’d be wrong. If you are one of the millions of people who leave their cosmetics on the bathroom counter, that morning sunlight that comes in through the window will dry your powdered foundation out quicker than anything. The same can be said for carrying your foundation around in a makeup bag and leaving it in a hot car all day, you’ll notice that the foundation will quickly become cakey and unusable any longer. Take the time to keep your powder foundation under the sink and in a dry cool spot, you’ll notice the difference.

Avoid Double Dipping

Applying cosmetics to your face should be a clean process, but many times we are busy in the morning and we double dip multiple cosmetics in a rush to finish our makeup routine. Don’t mix your other cosmetics into your powdered foundation, this will make it extremely messy and void the freshness that you look to achieve when using a powdered foundation. Even if you are using a brush with your powdered foundation you want to make sure that it’s dry and clean with every usage, because cross-contamination will make your powdered foundation a mess and extremely unusable after a while. When you take the time to apply each makeup evenly and without cross-contamination, you’ll notice a positive change in how your makeup is stored and how long it lasts.

Oxygen Is A Cosmetic's Worst Enemy

Again, storage is an important aspect of the lifespan of your cosmetic. Powdered foundation especially cannot be exposed to oxygen or it will become cakey, and if you have high humidity in your home it will be even worse. In addition to the plastic totes that we covered you can also buy makeup bags from your favorite cosmetic retailer, and these will help to keep the foundation clear as well. Another great thing is a makeup train case, which are the big plastic cases that you see cosmetic students carrying around with them. These cases are not only designed for makeup storage, but they also keep your makeup in an airtight environment that's ready to use.

Makeup Storage Is Important For Your Powdered Foundation

There is no doubt that the powdered foundation will make an amazing difference in your face, and with the right combination of makeup, you can look amazing every day. But, if you are not storing your makeup right you’ll experience a lack of freshness that will lead you back to the cosmetics store every time. Taking the time to properly store your powdered foundation and other makeup will ensure that you are ready to hit the town every day, and your cosmetics collection will stay fresh.

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